Here are 8 Interesting Manatees facts.

1-5 Manatees Facts

1. Manatees regulate their buoyancy by storing and releasing farts. – Source

2. Manatees were removed from the endangered species list in 2017 after 50 years on the list. – Source

3. On January 9, 1493, Christopher Columbus sees 3 mermaids and described them as “Not half as beautiful as they are painted”. They were Manatees. – Source

4. Florida manatees have become dependent on warm water outflows of power plants, to the point that they have stopped migrating south during the winter. This becomes an issue when power plants shut down. – Source

5. ManateesĀ along with kangaroos and elephants are the only mammals in the world to have polyphyodont teeth. Meaning new teeth will grow in the back of their mouth to replace the old teeth in the front like a slow moving conveyor belt. – Source

6-8 Manatees Facts

6. Manatees were reintroduced to the Panama Canal in 1964 to manage algal blooms. – Source

7. Manatees are often killed by the propellers on boats. 25-30% of manatee deaths in Florida are boat related. – Source

8. In 2015, a pack of 300 manatees kept taking over a Florida wildlife park. – Source

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