Morgan Freeman is an American actor and former soldier with a distinctive voice and an endless list of credits that have seen him scale the heights of the entertainment industry. The legendary actor is famous for his roles in movies like Street Smart and Million Dollar Baby, to name a few. Besides showbiz, Morgan Freeman is also a philanthropist, environmentalist, and pilot. Read on to find out more exciting facts about the Hollywood star.

1. Morgan Freeman Turned His Mississippi Ranch into a Bee Sanctuary

In 2014, Morgan Freeman became aware of the global decline of the bee population and decided to pivot and act on it. He started by transforming his 124-acre property in Mississippi into a bee reserve. Then, he planted bee-friendly vegetation like clover, lavender, and magnolia. He topped it all off by importing 26 beehives from Arkansas.

2. He Has More Awards than The Films He Has Starred in         

There are stars with countless achievements, and then there is Morgan Freeman: the man with more awards than the films he has starred in! Throughout his illustrious career, the legend has shown an exceptional ability to captivate both viewers and critics alike.

His roles in The Shawshank Redemption, where he played Red, and Deep Impact, where he played the role of a powerful president, catapulted him to one of the greatest actors of all time.

3. Morgan Freeman’s Gold Earrings Are Worth Enough to Give Him a Decent Burial

Morgan Freeman observes the age-old sailor’s custom of wearing gold earrings. In ancient times, sailors wore gold/valuable earrings so that, if they died, the jewelry would be traded and the money used for their sending off. The actor admitted that his earrings serve the same purpose, too!

4. He Rose from a Late Bloomer to a Hollywood Icon

Morgan Freeman’s path to success hasn’t been straightforward. He started acting in theaters for years and made his television and film debut when he was 34. However, since finding his breakthrough, it has been one milestone after another for him. He won his first Academy Award for his performances in “Driving Miss Daisy” (1989) and “Glory” (1989).

5. He is against Black History Month

Being an African American, the common expectation would be for Morgan Freeman to support Black History Month. On the contrary, he doesn’t like it. In his opinion, setting aside only one month in a year to recognize black history wouldn’t necessarily promote racial equality.

To celebrate the contributions and recognize the challenges of African Americans, he has advocated for integrating black history into American history throughout the year.

6. Morgan Freeman Advocated for Integrated Proms

In 1997, Morgan Freeman offered to foot the bill for one racially mixed prom in a Mississippi high school. However, the school’s administration declined the offer due to its long-standing tradition of separate proms for whites and blacks.

However, he finally got his wish when the school held its first-ever integrated prom, marking a significant step towards diversity within the community in 2008.

7. He is an Agnostic

Morgan Freeman, renowned for playing God in movies like “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty,” has a subtle attitude toward religion and spirituality. He veers towards agnosticism, a philosophy-doubting position.

That said, his ability and creative range to distinguish between fiction and personal thoughts is worth commending. The films he played God are superb!

8. Morgan Freeman Favored Aviation When He Was Young

Part of the reason why Morgan Freeman is considered a late bloomer in the entertainment industry is because he favored an aviation career more when he was younger. When he was 18, he turned down a drama scholarship in favor of a career in aviation at the United States Air Force.

There, he served as a tracking radar repairman for some time. However, as they say, what is meant to be will be; Morgan Freeman eventually found himself acting and making a killing while at it.

9. He Served in the United States Air Force

Before becoming the movie star he is today, Morgan Freeman was drafted into the United States Air Force at the age of 18. He was a radar technician for four years, which he considered to be one of the most treasured technical experiences and fun.

This Navy experience helped him develop discipline, technical skills, and a sense of duty, which may have helped him cope in the entertainment industry later in his life.

10. Morgan Freeman is a Renowned Philanthropist

Morgan Freeman has been deeply engaged in charitable work all his life. Among them was the co-establishment of the Grenada Relief Fund back in 2004. It aimed to collect useful supplies for the Caribbean island after Hurricane Ivan. He also supports educational training programs within the movie arts, not to mention that he responded to decreased honeybee numbers by transforming his ranch into a bee-keeping center.

His other philanthropic acts include taking part in fundraising events promoting cancer education, children’s welfare, and Holocaust recovery. Moreover, Morgan Freeman has stood up for diversity in the media business, racial equality, and society’s justice.

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