Cats have a special appeal for a lot of people and good looking cats have even more appeal. However, these cats come at a cost. Here is a list of the most expensive cats ever purchased.

1. Ashera

The Ashera is an extremely rare breed and can cost about $125,000 USD and that is because a firm in L.A. manages to breed only 5 kittens a year. Of course, it’s a supply and demand situation and the demand is very high because it looks like a mini snow leopard. In temperament and behavior, these cats are like Savannah cats. This is because it is a mixture of a domestic cat (at least in size and shape), an Asian leopard cat and an African serval cat. This is a highly unusual combination that couldn’t occur in nature. So despite all of that, it has a reputation for being loyal, intelligent, and friendly to be around.

2. Savannah

The Savannah breed has only been around since 1986 and fetches $50,000 USD on a regular basis. They quickly gained popularity due to their extremely tall ears. They’re noted to be athletic and loyal to their owners but will often be mildly aggressive to strangers. Genetic classification runs from F1 to F5 with the F1 types being the most expensive. They are a mixture of the African serval cat which is wild and the domesticated Persian cat.

3. Bengal

Dating back to the 1970s the Bengal cat fetches $25,000 USD. With a spotted coat and an athletic body, this cat looks wild and feral but it actually makes for a great pet. Their big disadvantage is that they treat life as one big adventure and are forever jumping onto things that are fragile and are always playful. Being larger than normal, they are a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic shorthair cat. Think of having a spaniel that can jump and you’ll get the idea.

4. Persian

The Persian cat costs $5,000 and is a staple in James Bond films as the ultimate bad guy pet. With its long hair, it requires daily grooming so they can be pretty time-consuming. Persian cats are not very vocal nor are they very demonstrative. They tend to be playful and will fit in well with a household full of children. The breed seems to be more than 2 thousand years old and it weighs as much as a regular domestic cat. Persian cats come in multiple colors but the white, of course, is the most famous color.

5. Peterbald

The Peterbald is just as its name suggests: bald. This breed costs $5,000 USD and it doesn’t have any hair on it whatsoever. The breed originated from Russia in 1988 and quickly gained popularity due to its distinct appearance. Mating a Russian Donskoy and an Oriental Shorthair produces this cat which is renowned for being smart and affectionate. It should be noted this cat has sensitive skin and children, in particular, should be careful when handling it. And of course, the lack of cover makes it susceptible to sunburn so this is another issue potential owners should be aware of.

Buying a Cat

As always careful research should be conducted before purchasing any cat. Just because a cat is expensive doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect. Major issues as highlighted here might warrant attention and these include temperament, coat, and price. Maybe you can go try out an expensive breed by going to a cat cafe which is a petting zone for cats where you get to feed them after having a coffee? There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

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Last Update: May 14, 2020