Stolen Patents Associated with Thomas Edison

July 18, 2020
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  1. Edison isn’t credited with inventing flouroscopy. I’m a vascular surgeon. I use flouro all day long. Roentgens is a unit in which we measure radiation (one of the many). Roentgen is the Father of Radiology. Edison’s name isn’t even mentioned.

  2. Louis Provoceteur says:

    Thomas Edison also was credited with the little known device called the “Flatometer” which measured the potency of flatulence. However, he wasn’t the original inventor of this either. Francois de odeur originally invented a similar device, but Edison fine-tuned it using his own powerful butt plumes and then patented it. It’s a crazy smelly world we live in!

  3. Eric Stott says:

    Leon Scott never built a working phonograph- he built a scientific device which produced images of sound wave forms. It was not capable of reproducing sound.

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