The True Story of Hans Schmidt

July 25, 2020
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  1. Laine Frajberg says:

    Here in Quebec,Schmidt’s home territory,most of us knew Hans’ real identity.

    Still,he sold the Nazi German gimmick so well that he used to fill the arenas every week as people would come to see the hated German get his comeuppance from a good French Canadian boy like Yvon Robert or Jean (Johnny) Rougeau-actually his friends in real life.His modus opperandi was to insult the the French Canadians-in perfect French-and then a French face would challenge him as a defender of the French Canadian people.Simple?Yes.But it worked as the matches he was involved in always sold out.And that’s really all that mattered.Pro wrestling is show business after all.And business is about making money.

    Schmidt,incidentally,was a pretty decent wrestler and he was well versed in the scientific aspects of the game but he usually stuck to his take no prisoners form of wrestling,as that’s what the fans expected and wanted.Finally,a person I knew who was his neighbour, told me he was actually a nice guy-outside the ring,of course.

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