TikTok was among the few things that kept people sane during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Its popularity significantly grew at the time, with millions of new users subscribing worldwide. However, that was not when the social media platform started; TikTok was launched in 2016 as Douyin for the Chinese audience. It was officially introduced to the international market in 2017 by the founder, Zhang Yiming before it cemented its place as one of the most popular social media platforms. Today, the platform is a hub for sharing entertaining videos, dances, pranks, etc. This article highlights some interesting TikTok facts to make your day.

1. TikTok is Available in 75 Different Languages

Contrary to popular belief that TikTok is only available in English and Chinese, this app supports 75 languages in more than 150 countries. That’s three times that of Instagram, which only supports 25 languages.

2. Khaby Lame is the Most Popular TikToker

For a long time, Charli D’Amelio was the queen of TikTok. However, Italian TikToker Khaby Lame took over the spot on June 22, 2022, becoming the most followed person on the platform. Today, he has more than 160 million followers.

3. You Can Follow Someone Through the In-App QR Code Scanner

Many people don’t know this, but you can follow someone on TikTok using the built-in QR scanner. However, although the QR code makes following one another easy, both parties must be physically present for it to work.

4. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, TikTok Added a Feature that Shared Global Covid-19 Stats

In 2020, TikTok added a feature that would share updates about the Coronavirus. The platform also created hashtags to spread awareness about the virus.

5. In 2021, YouTubers Had Beef with TikTokers

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As TikTok became more popular in 2021, YouTubers started beefing with TikTokers. For a long time, YouTube was the go-to video social media app. However, when TikTok was introduced, most YouTubers saw this as a threat and began reacting harshly to TikToks on their YouTube channels. Most of the feud ended in 2022 because most YouTubers joined TikTok and started doubling on both platforms.

6. TikTok is Available on PC

Other than smartphones and tablets, TikTok is available on PCs and desktops. If anything, the desktop version of TikTok makes it easier for creators to upload more refined content and track analytics.

7. TikTok Makes Money from Ads and Grant Coins

TikTok generates revenue in two ways: through ads and grant coins. Scrolling through TikTok, you’ll run into ads based on your search history and demographics. Also, TikTok allows users to buy coins which they can use to support creators. The company takes a small percentage of the contributions.

8. TikTok was the Most Downloaded App in the Play Store in 2022

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Two years after its rise to fame, in 2022, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store. It was also the second most downloaded app on the Apple App Store.

9. All Liked Videos on TikTok Can be Found in the User’s Profile

Unlike other platforms like Instagram, users can access all the videos they have liked on TikTok on their profiles. All they need to do is head to their profile and swipe to the first tab on the right, where they find all their videos. Next to it are all the videos they have ever saved.

10. An Average TikToker Spends Around 95 Minutes on the App

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According to DataProt, an average TikToker spends 95 minutes daily on the app. Every week, a TikToker can spend up to 6.06 hours. The report also shows that users will open the app at least eight times daily.

11. Facebook Launched an App Called Lasso to Compete with TikTok

In 2018, Facebook launched an app called Lasso, which was basically TikTok’s clone. It allowed users to record 15-second-long videos and pair them with popular songs. Just like TikTok, Lasso utilized hashtags and recommended videos. Lasso was shut down in 2020 because TikTok had already gained popularity in both China and International audiences.

12. TikTok Focuses Mostly on Local Content

On TikTok, the app will still suggest local content even if a user doesn’t follow anyone. The platform accesses TikTokers’ phone location to identify regional trends that may be more familiar to them. Social media enthusiasts argue that TikTok has one of the most powerful algorithms.

13. Clicking on an Audio on TikTok will Display All Videos that Use That Sound

If a user likes a particular audio on TikTok and wants to explore it more, they can click on it, and they will see all the videos that use that sound.

14. TikTok Has a Very Strict Community Policy

On TikTok, any video that displays explicit content, violence, nudity, or illegal behavior is taken down in less than 48 hours. Also, TikTok doesn’t support content from those considered to be underage. The same applies to videos that spread hate speech or racist remarks.

15. Young People Prefer to Use TikTok for Lunch Recommendations than Google Maps

Google released data in 2023 showing that most young people prefer TikTok instead of Google Maps when looking for a place to eat.

Last Update: March 15, 2024