On March 8, 2023, 376 participants assembled and set the record for the most people jumping on trampolines. Saudi Arabia’s Leejam Sports Company arranged the event, which marked another milestone in the evolution of trampolines. Usually, trampolines are used for recreational purposes. However, trampolining has morphed into a competitive sport featuring in the highest stages, including the Olympics. Today, we look at some staggering trampoline facts to make your day.

1. Actor Danny DeVito Warms Up on a Trampoline Before Every Show

Danny DeVito is a renowned actor and filmmaker famous for his roles in Matilda (1996), Batman Returns (1992) and Batman Returns (1992). Like most performers, Danny DeVito has his warm-up routine, which, apparently, involves bouncing on a trampoline.

2. A Dwarf Standing on a Trampoline Presented Weather Forecast News in the UK

When Cable TV was still new in the United Kingdom, one of the first shows was the weather forecast. Interestingly, it was presented by a dwarf standing on a trampoline.

3. There Is a Hybrid Sport Involving Trampolines Called Slamball

Slamball is a hybrid sport involving gymnastics, basketball, hockey, and football. It is played on four trampolines placed strategically in front of each other. The majority of the game’s basis centers on basketball, though. Professional Slamball games were once very famous; they used to be aired on CSTV (now CBS Sports Network).

4. Russia Once Told The US to Deliver Its Astronauts to The ISS Using a Trampoline

The United States once imposed sanctions against Russia’s Space Program. Interestingly, Russia, through its Deputy Prime Minister, responded by tweeting, “After reviewing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest that the United States deliver their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline.”

5. Trampoline-like Devices Have Been Around for Ages

Based on historical evidence, trampolines and associated devices have been around for a considerable amount of time. For instance, in the early 1900s, the Inuit had a game where they would toss blanket dancers into the air using walrus skin. This was mostly done during the spring in celebration of the whale harvest. Trampoline-like life nets were also used by firefighters to rescue people out of burning buildings in around 1887.

6. University of Iowa Students Built the First Modern Trampolines

Although it is often said that the idea of the trampoline was first developed by a du Trampolin artist, no documentary evidence has fully proved that he did. As such, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, both students at the University of Iowa, United States, at the time, are credited with developing the first modern trampoline in 1936. Nissen was a diving competitor, while Griswold was a tumbler.

7. George Nissen Marketed the Trampoline Using a Kangaroo

To market his newly-found product, George Nissan did a photocall with a kangaroo. A photo was taken of both him and the kangaroo as if frozen in mid-air. Within a short time, the picture was published all over Europe, including Yugoslavia. It gained traction because people thought it was funny, boosting the trampoline’s popularity.

8. There Are Some Ridiculous Trampoline Records

man jumping on black trampoline

Many records have been set and broken since the trampoline was invented and evolved into a sport. For instance, The United Kingdom’s Brian Hudson holds the record for the most consecutive somersaults on a trampoline with 3,333.

Austria’s Finn Pirmin Pilz has the most backwards somersaults on a trampoline in one hour with 1,064, while Germany’s Lina Kuhbacher has the most seat drops on a trampoline in a minute with 59.

9. Trampoline Comes from the Spanish Word “Trampolin”

According to George Nissen, trampoline comes from the Spanish word “trampolin,” which translates to a diving board. Nissen first heard the name while on a demonstration tour in Mexico, so he used its anglicized form to patent the device.

10. The Early Versions of Commercial Trampoline Parks Caused Many Accidents

From 1959 to 1960, trampolines were very popular in North America. This promoted the emergence of outdoor commercial “jump centers” or “trampoline parks” for people to enjoy recreational trampolining.

However, the parks were marred by accidents, contributing to the massive waning of public interest in trampolines. Thankfully, safer trampoline parks have been established and are now more popular.

11. Trampoline Was Used in Flight and Astronaut Training

As World War II continued, the United States Navy Flight School used trampolines to train their pilots and navigators, familiarizing them with spatial orientation. The space flight program was also started during the war, with the trampoline significantly helping Soviet and American astronauts adapt to various body positions.

12. Bill Gates Has a Trampoline in His Luxurious House

A trampoline is among the many amenities at Bill Gates’ enormous lakeside luxurious house. According to an interview, the billionaire narrated that the trampoline room is for his kids to work off their excess energy.

13. There Are Trampoline World Championships

Over time, trampolining has evolved into a competitive sport with many superstars. In 1964, Ted Blake, one of the earliest British trampoline pioneers, organized the first Trampoline World Championships. The event was held in London, England, with Judy Wills Cline and Dan Millman (both Americans) emerging as the first World Trampoline Champions. Today, the sport has evolved into an Olympic sport.

14. Some Trampolines Are Spring-free

The version of trampolines created by George Nissen (widely considered to be the pioneers) had springs that aided higher jumping. However, a mechanical engineer and inventor, Keith Vivian Alexander, analyzed the spring trampoline data in 1992 and elected to create a spring-free one. In his design, Alexander removed the steel frames and springs, which he believed were the number one cause of trampoline accidents.

15. One of the Biggest Trampoline Classes Was Held In Mexico City

In 2022, Mexico City held the largest fitness trampoline class. The 45-minute event hosted at the square Plaza del Plinth attracted 4,065 participants, but 130 were disqualified. In a video posted on Twitter (now X), people can be seen bouncing on trampolines as they are instructed on the perfect exercise routines.

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