How far are you willing to to go to make ends meet? Whether out of passion or the desire to be in a position where you can pay rent when it’s due, most humans must work. Common jobs and careers include teaching, lawyering, treating people, and driving trucks, among others. However, others require the doers to channel their inner courage and motivation as they are not common and are somewhat bizarre. This piece highlights 16 unusual jobs you probably didn’t even know existed.

1. Professional Mourners

After the passing away of a loved one, it’s normal for family and friends to cry and express grief. However, in parts such as Southeast Asia and Africa, there are professional mourners whose role is to scream loudly during funerals. Those who practice it believe that loud mourning will help the dead transition easily to the afterlife. It is also an indicator that the departed were loved by many when they were alive.

2. Adult Toy Tester

At least one adult toy is being launched every day. To ensure these products work perfectly, there are people whose job is to test them out and provide honest feedback.

3. Snake Milker

While it’s true that reptiles don’t produce milk, snake milking refers to the collection of venom from the animals’ fangs. The collected samples are used to create antidotes for people bitten by snakes, making people who milk them crucial. The average salary for a snake milker is around $39,500 per year.

4. Legal Bank Robbers

When a bank installs a new security system, they hire legal bank robbers to infiltrate and test these systems. They are allowed to be as unethical as possible; they can try to hack the bank system, pose as police officers, and arm themselves.

5. Fake Wedding Attendee

What started as a joke has turned into an actual job opportunity. On social media and other platforms, you can find brides and grooms hiring fake wedding attendees. They are often employed to boost wedding attendance and hype up the event.

6. Professional Line Stander

As the name suggests, professional line standers are people who queue in retail stores or DMV on behalf of those who would rather not go through the hassle. This can be due to busy schedules or medical conditions that don’t allow standing for long. Professional line standers are available in most parts of the world.

7. Professional Sleeper

Professional sleepers are hired by mattress companies and fancy hotels to gauge the quality of their beds and bedding. They are the true definition of what passive income is.

8. Professional Mermaids

Professional mermaids are primarily found in amusement parks and some malls worldwide. These are people dressed in famous mermaid costumes. They swim in big aquariums, entertaining guests, most of whom are children. The job is significantly harder, considering the professionals have to hold their breath for long durations to remain in character.

9. Fake Zombie

The London Dungeons hires people to act as fake zombies and scare away visitors. Employees show up, apply the zombie makeup, and start running after people while speaking gibberish.

10. Pet Therapists

Usually, when an animal is sick, they are taken to a vet. However, recently, pet therapists are growing in popularity. They treat pet stress, depression, and anxiety. The professionals mainly deal with animals that have suffered abuse and trauma, as is the case with human therapists.

11. Dog Food Tasters

The dog food industry generates millions of dollars worldwide, so the stakeholders are committed to producing and selling the best products. One of the quality control measures is hiring human dog food testers who ensure that the nutritional value and general quality of the meals are up to standards. In some cases, the dog food tasters have to eat the dog food.

12. Odor Sniffers

Ever wondered how some antiperspirants are so good at reducing underarm sweat and body odor? Well, a huge chunk of the credit goes to odor sniffers. These are professionals hired by spray and antiperspirant manufacturers to ensure that the produced products can serve different people with varying body scents.

13. Water Slide Tester

Before a water slide can be opened to the public, a professional tester has to try it out. Their main role is to identify any flaws or weaknesses with the slide. While it may sound easy, water slide testers are vastly trained and massively experienced to identify the slightest of issues.

14. Bicycle Fishing

Bicycles play an integral part in Amsterdam’s transportation industry. The city based in the Netherlands is relatively smaller, making driving inconvenient. With many canals running through the region, people often dump their used bikes there, posing a threat to the environment. Bicycle fishers are hired to get rid of the abandoned products.

15. Golf Ball Divers

As part of golf course maintenance, there are special golf ball divers whose job is to retrieve balls that end up in the water pools. The recovered golf balls are often cleaned and reused.

16. Professional Cuddler

Professional cuddlers embrace people who are lonely, depressed, anxious or need human company. They are especially important because they do their job without strings attached.

17. Professional Apologizers

Professional apologizers are people with excellent persuasion skills who are sent to apologize on behalf of the perceived aggressors. Other than oratory skills, these people use gestures such as sending gifts and romantic cues.

18. Rental Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Rental boyfriends or girlfriends accompany people to events such as family gatherings or corporate meetings. They pose as an individual’s better half and can perform several gestures depending on the agreement. Today, different avenues for renting a partner are available.

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Last Update: May 2, 2024