1. Veg box firm Riverford to be 100% staff-owned as founder sells stake for £10m. – Source

2. Sightings of critically endangered regent honeyeater in NSW give conservationists hope. – Source

3. Amazon deforestation is down by a third in 2023, says the Brazilian government. – Source

4. Meet the kipunji: A rare primate success story in Tanzania. – Source

5. The ‘rockstar’ of a stray journeyed nearly 3,000 km to get to his new home, with help from police pilots. – Source

6. Arizona Governor Ok’s over-the-counter birth control. – Source

7. Texas bans homeowners’ associations from discriminating against renters who receive federal housing aid. – Source

8. The U.S. is destroying the last of its once-vast chemical weapons arsenal. – Source

9. World’s 1st ‘tooth regrowth’ medicine moves toward clinical trials in Japan. – Source

10. No Longer Endangered: The Bald Eagle is an Icon of the ESA. – Source

11. New Zealand becomes the first country to ban single-use produce bags at grocery stores. – Source

12. A team of female Indigenous rangers is working to keep a threatened species, Golden Bandicoots, alive by helping with its translocation from the Kimberley to the Northern Territory. – Source

13. Few days late but still great, Michigan Legislature approves ban on ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBTQ+ minors. – Source

14. Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy was given one of Canada’s highest honors. – Source

15. Jay-Z previously revealed he ‘cried’ from happiness when his mother came out to him. – Source

16. Smart watches could detect Parkinson’s up to seven years before hallmark symptoms appear | UK DRI: UK Dementia Research Institute. – Source

17. Kenya is launching Africa’s biggest school meals program. – Source

18. How a Nova Scotia woman got a new pancreas, a new kidney, and was cured of diabetes. – Source

19. Midwives to get a 15% rise as part of pay equity negotiations. – Source

20. Incredible response after Sydney boy has $3,000 bike stolen. – Source

21. Driven by decades of conflict, native giraffes make a return to Angola. – Source

22. ‘Safe and effective’: first malaria vaccine to be rolled out in 12 African countries. – Source

23. India, a growing space power, is forging closer ties with NASA. – Source

24. Michigan’s second donor milk bank opens at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital. – Source

25. ‘Revolutionary’ solar power cell innovations break key energy threshold | Solar power. – Source

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Last Update: July 14, 2023