21. Have a 3000-word paper due in a couple of months? Count how many days you have left until it’s due and divide it by the word count. 3000 words / 60 days = a measly 50 words a day. Even when you stack a few different papers at once you might end up only writing 100-200 words a day which is nothing.

Even better is to take off a couple of days in the end solely for editing so you are not writing up until the due date and can have some time to process what you want the paper to say efficiently.

I’m in law school now and still write my papers this way. There’s no better feeling than seeing a due date coming up and knowing you already have 2500 words written while everyone panics around you.

– haleyfax

22. Here are some ways:

  • It didn’t really exist when I was in high school… but as an adult… I love YouTube. Every problem I want, everything I don’t understand, there always seems to be at least one person on YouTube who can explain it to me in a way that I will comprehend. Khan Academy is also a great resource.

  • Do it while you see it… type or write what you see the other person doing… sometimes it won’t click until later why you did that, but the muscle memory will be there and contextualizes the understanding better so it will stick around better.

  • Context matters, try sitting in the same seat every day in class (if possible)… if you chew gum during class, chew gum during the test, etc… your memory is a weird thing, and triggers are strange.

  • Pretend every class you have allows you to have an index card that you’re allowed to reference. Prepare for tests by filtering out what you think you’ll need to know, write it on the card. Make the study card, even if it isn’t allowed in class (don’t bring it with you or do anything stupid that will get you in trouble). The process you go through while making the study card will help you commit things to memory better, or refresh your memory on topics covered a few weeks ago, and your score will go up, even if you don’t actually use the card.

  • If your vision is a problem, straight up ask to sit up front. The number of kids who struggle in studies because they don’t want to sit up front, and can’t see things because they are blurry to them is frustratingly high. If you are supposed to wear glasses, wear them… I get that you might want contacts or think glasses are uncool, but, how are you gonna pass the class if you can’t read the board? If you can’t afford glasses and have vision problems, tell your teacher privately… there are about a hundred different programs to get school kids glasses and vision exams for free.

  • Ask for help. I’m not a teacher, but I tutor once a week for 2 hours, and there are teachers, adults, and other people who tutor/volunteer completely for free just to help people.

  • Teach it… work with another student who doesn’t understand the same thing, try to explain it to them. I know this sounds weird, but as you try to explain it to someone else, it forces your brain to try dozens or hundreds of ways of explaining the thing, which ultimately results in YOU getting the explanation that works best in your brain.

Teachers: Free Glasses https://visiontolearn.org/lots of Glasses for $7-20 https://www.goggles4u.com

– firefly212

23. Do not study during night time, I mean after 9 pm.

– raffaele2406

24. The best thing the military ever taught me, was how to learn.

You need to figure out how you learn. I personally learn best by moving and experiencing. If I’m reading a textbook or manual, I try and walk around while doing it. If it’s a physical thing I do it over and over and over until it’s a kind of mindless thing.

If you’re worried about failing, find ways to make yourself fail. You’ll learn that failure isn’t the end of the road. There’s always another option. This goes for everything about studying, to life in general.

The study, take the test, if you get a B instead of an A, good, you know your weaker areas now and you know where to improve. If you get that A, great! Now keep studying. If you get an F, good. Now you know something didn’t work, or that you have lots of things you get to learn now.

The fact that you WANT to improve tells me you have the ability to do so.

– AWolfOutsideTheDoor

25. Study with your friends.

Last year, my AP Physics teacher did not know how to do physics such that he couldn’t answer his own quiz questions. He’d probably get a 2 on the exam. Anyways, my friends and I would frequently hop on Discord to study together. I or one of my friends would screen share MS Paint in order to show the others how we did something. Ultimately this helped 2 of the three of us pass the AP Exam despite the unfortunate teacher.

– Ericpiplup

26. Don’t be so pressured, it’s not as important as you think, failing only means there are better paths for you to take. What’s important is focusing on finding what you really want to do. And that pressure will kill your mind off at exam.

For legitimate study tips tho, depending on your course, try to understand and analyze the key concept and methodology of solving the problem instead of memorizing blindly, understand why this method is used instead and exercise it with your newly found analysis result and understanding.

– truth6th

27. I’m really bad at remembering things unless they’re said in a silly way or written in different colors.

I’d have my college roommate (you can have a friend or parent or sibling) say something important I needed in a silly voice or sing it to the tune of a song.

I’d highlight my notes, or rewrite them in different colors, I’d use pink for all vocabulary words and definitions, important dates I’d use green, etc.

– GlitterEnema

28. Don’t get into drugs.

– godslayer767

29. If you haven’t already, visit your school psychiatrist and do what you can to get tested for everything and anything. ADHD, ADD, OCD, ASD, anything. If there is a medication you can take to improve your study skills, it’s more than worth it.

– johannes-kepler

30. Make bullet points of what you study, your brain will repeat info and repetition is the mother of all skill.

– vinkel_slip

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