11.  Scotch tape so old it’s yellow and fused unusable.

– LaChanz

12. Flat head screwdriver. Also, a random assortment of birthday candles.

– SuperDan

13. One of those lighters with the long neck that hasn’t worked since the third time you used it. You check it every time you need a lighter and put it back in the drawer because “maybe I’m doing it wrong”.

– FastAndForgetful

14. I found an old refrigerator magnet in one not long ago for a pizza place (Dominos) and the phone number didn’t have an area code.

– DiscoPartyMagic

15. Those felt circles for the bottoms of chairs. But you never have enough of any size to complete a set.

– Annieline

16. Cleaning cloths that come with every new pair of sunglasses or screen protector.

– BearlyBuff

17. A set of Allen wrenches that is missing the 2 most common sizes but has duplicates of the ones you will never use.

– Jesse

18. A bunch of pencil stubs.

– 6368-909

19. No longer sticky post-its with random phone numbers and no names or date and appointment time but not the appointment location.

– proper-mud923

20. The scent. Every junk drawer has it.

– riverweeds

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