21. A random deck of old playing cards.

– puppet

22. About four rolls of different tape that are never actually in the junk drawer when you need them.

– kairsosecide

23. Twisty ties.

– pdixest

24. Important mail from a while ago that you searched everywhere for to pay a fine/bill but couldn’t find no matter how hard you looked.

– 416unknown

25. Calculator.

– adventerous-yak

26. Old toys, pennies, packets of seeds, long lost tools.

– GingerSnapp

27. Expired coupons. Allen keys. Random condiment packets.

– fivezero

28. Assorted lengths of wire.

– hi-i-am-steve

29. Wooden chopsticks still in the wrapper and napkins from the same restaurant just in case you run out of paper towels and need a dusty drawer napkin.

– singingtiger

30. Old candy canes that are at least 2-3 years old.

– quack11


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