11. My Cousin Vinny.

– Iesili

12. The Birdcage.

– Decent_Ad_1960

13. Clue.

– AthenesSchmist

14. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. John Candy and Steve Martin are hysterical! Watch it every Thanksgiving.

– ripmerle

15. Spaceballs.

– bubbles2255

16. A Fish Called Wanda.

John Cleese trying to help to stutter Michael Palin telling him where Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline went (“Sing it, sing it, the ‘KAAAA!'”) remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

– Scheetmatcher

17. Superbad.

– polarbearstoneialz

18. Blazing Saddles.

– thestonez

19. Best in Show.

– dj_sweargen

20. I think The Jerk with Steve Martin is hysterical.

The new phone book is here. The new phone book is here.

I don’t need anything else…..oh except for this. And I don’t need anything else…oh, I need this.

I know what my special purpose is for.

– Defan3

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