11. Travellers. It’s on Netflix.

Very character-driven and has an ending (albeit brutal and bittersweet). Worth it if more cerebral stuff with an action scene every now and then sounds fun.

– yippy-yippy

12. Fringe.

– Suricata-987

13. Firefly.

– oodelly

14. The movie Gattaca. Its vision of how super easy genetic testing could be used/misused has been eerily prescient, and likely to be more relevant in the near future.

– consistent-sector-09

15. Misfits.

Being Human.

– Swimsoot

16. Star Trek: The Next Generation.

– highlife

17. xfiles!!!!

– chuchucha

18. Eureka.

– AntheneSchdmit

19. Farscape. The answer is always Farscape.

– hercamstrong

20. Black mirror.

– ok-foundation

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