21. Firefox. I use it all day on my Macbook, my Windows work laptop, my Android work phone, and even my iPhone. I like the plugins, and how I can modify them to my liking. I like the containers, especially the temporary containers, which keep all cookies separated. I like how snappy it is. I’ve used Edge for a while at work because I needed a plugin that only worked on Chrome/Edge. In many ways Edge is annoying. They say it’s fast, but in my experience, Firefox is more direct. That plugin? I don’t need it that much and can work around it. I do most of my work in the browser but have moved it back to Firefox. Of course, Thunderbird is a nice spin-off, with Firefox under the hood.

– Blubberkert

22. KeePass and the projects forked off of it. I use KeePassXC.

Whenever LastPass has a data breach? “Oh no! Anyway…”

– Enzo33

23. Bitwarden.


24. DS4windows. Seriously, it’s compatible with lots of controllers and you can fully customize it how you want, controller sensitivity, dead zone, map buttons, etc… I use it because I have a dual sense controller, which doesn’t work on mc dungeons (I bought it on the Microsoft store) without the app. I think only Xbox controllers are compatible with the Microsoft store, and I have some games from there (though much more on steam), so it’s nice having that app.

– InFinitToDeath

25. Big fan of QGIS!

– BeneficialSquirrel

26. Discord is the obvious one for me.

– Skraps

27. Unity.

– Consistent_Penguin

28. Blender.

– augen

29. YouTube ad blocker, still using it after all these years!

– DarkMagacian

30. VSCode – all other text editors are dead to me now. Brilliant as a text editor, brilliant as an IDE, cross platform, works great remotely over SSH -X, whats not to like?

– ripneutek

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