Here are 27 World Trade Center facts.

1-5 World Trade Center Facts

1. The company that owned the World Trade Center had scheduled a meeting for 9/11/2001 on the 88th floor of tower 1 to discuss what to do in the event of a terrorist attack but rescheduled the night before because someone couldn’t attend. – Source

2. NASA recovered metal from the World Trade Center and used it on Martian rovers as a tribute to those fallen on the 9/11 attacks. – Source

3. Judy Melinek is a medical examiner who identified hundreds of bodies from the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, many of which were merely scraps of flesh or pieces of the limb. She was called in mid-August 2002 because they had found a foot bone on top of another skyscraper 1/5 mile away. – Source

4. On September 11th, 2001, Officer John Perry of the NYPD went to headquarters to file retirement paperwork. When he heard the explosion at the world trade center he immediately responded and was later killed when one of the towers collapsed. He was the only off-duty officer killed on 9/11. – Source

5. There is a mental delusion called The Truman Show delusion where those affected believe their lives are actually reality shows. A patient went to New York to check whether the World Trade Center had fallen believing the 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal storyline. – Source

6-10 World Trade Center Facts

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6. In 1983, a man climbed the North Tower of the World Trade Center to “call attention to the inability to rescue trapped occupants from the upper levels of skyscrapers.” – Source

7. A woman named Alicia Head claimed to be a survivor of the 9/11 attacks at the WTC under the name Tania Head. She joined the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network support group, later becoming its president and was frequently mentioned in media reports. Her story was revealed to be a hoax in 2007. – Source

8. To save time for workers constructing the new World Trade Center, a Subway restaurant pod was put on hydraulic legs next to tower cranes so that it could be moved up the building as it was built. – Source

9. The original World Trade Center towers were designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707. – Source

10. On 9/11 four people in the South Tower of the World Trade Center managed to escape from a floor above the plane’s impact. – Source

11-15 World Trade Center Facts

11. In Deus Ex, which was released in 2000, the World Trade Center towers are missing in the NY missions. During development, the developers justified this by stating that they were destroyed by terrorists earlier in the storyline. – Source

12. Workers at Ground Zero found an 18th-century wooden ship underneath the World Trade Center rubble. – Source

13. King Farouk of Egypt received the only 1933 Double Eagle (20 USD) gold coin released to the public from the Philadelphia Mint. Following his death, it was stored in the World Trade Center and several months before 9/11, it was moved to Fort Knox. – Source

14. There are around 43 buildings in New York City assigned to their own exclusive ZIP code. The original World Trade Center complex had its own, 10048, but the new complex shares a ZIP code with the surrounding area. – Source

15. Even though the World Trade Center was insured for $3.55 billion following the 9/11 attacks the owner sought twice that amount (~$7.1 billion) on the basis that the two separate airplane strikes into two separate buildings constituted two occurrences and eventually settled for $4.6 billion. – Source

16-20 World Trade Center Facts

16. The conspirators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were caught when one of them tried to reclaim his deposit on the rental van they used to carry the bomb into the parking garage. – Source

17. Astronaut Frank Culbertson was the only American in space on 9/11/01, where he witnessed the damage to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon from a completely unique vantage point. – Source

18. The USS New York, made in part using recycled metal from the World Trade Center. – Source

19. Since the construction of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) in 2013, the building has produced at certain times an eerie ghostly sound that no one has exactly pinpointed where it comes from. – Source

20. The One World Trade Center is 1776 feet high to represent America’s independence. – Source

21-25 World Trade Center Facts

21. The World Trade Center’s memorial pools are 31% smaller than the Twin Towers’ actual footprints in Lower Manhattan. – Source

22. Around one million archaeological artifacts from an excavation of Manhattan’s Five Points were stored in the World Trade Center’s basement, only 18 items were recovered. – Source

23. Two World Trade Center, a skyscraper part of the new WTC complex, utilizes the designer’s “wedge of light” concept and will cast no shadow on the 9/11 Memorial Park on September 11 of every year. – Source

24. There are clocks that were in the World Trade Center that are frozen at the times the planes hit. – Source

25. The architect of the World Trade Center Twin Towers used narrow vertical windows because of his own personal fear of heights. – Source

26-27 World Trade Center Facts

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26. More than 60 countries had citizens die in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. Out of 2,980 people who were killed, 12% were foreign nationals. – Source

27. The LED lights on One World Trade Center’s spire can be controlled via an app from the designer’s phone. – Source

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