11. I’d pay off debt.

But let me be clear, I don’t just mean my debt.

I mean all debt. Credit card debt, Student debt, Mortgage debt, Medical debt, Government debt, etc.

This would essentially collapse a number of industries. This is intentional.

– Enperor-Cartagia

12. Rehab and counseling for my wife.

– HuntPristine

13. I’d buy a Volvo station wagon.

– Fustusfortuna

14. My college tuition lol, also new diabetes supplies because this sh*t is overpriced.

– Curious-Raccoon-998

15. A mechanical bed that sits up and down by remote for my stepdad. He’s by himself now and old and gets stuck trying to get out of bed on days. He wants one but we can’t afford it.

– Equivalent-Sqaush

16. A hospital. It’d be free for everyone who needs it. (Yes the people who work there would be paid).

– taylorsway0545

17. I’d take a poll at my local old folks’ home of everybody’s favorite performer and I would book a command performance for that performer to go and play and comfort the old people. Since I have unlimited money, I would spare absolutely no expense to get them there. Plus extra time for six performers to spend chatting with them afterward.

– kw4jp

18. A nonprofit company that has an office in every country that would give everyone free food no questions asked.

– rabbits-are-cutest

19. The pacific ocean.

– cloudrunner

20. I would pay off the college debt of all students in the U.S.

– Barbarbinks

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Last Update: October 14, 2021