21. A chocolate lava cake from dominoes.

– koolestkittyroks

22. Clean drinking water for all my brothers and sisters in the first nations of Canada.

– AnishaaBebu

23. Money can’t buy the things I want :(… Oh wait, that’s not true. I would buy myself a house, obviously, the new dystopian dream. Nothing massive but I would like a couple of bedrooms a couple of bathrooms, a good-sized living room, and maybe a couple of extra rooms to use as a game room and one for an office. Cottage in the woods sounds cozy. Obviously, I would have to get some heavy security and stuff to protect me and my endless wealth.

Then I would make a giant arcade full of anything I could get my hands on.

And then I would probably just go full Robinhood. Use my limitless wealth to help solve world problems.

– Dracofear

24. I’d buy an entire neighborhood and have my friends and family live in the mansions and cars right next to me.

– JustCallMe

25. A wheelchair-accessible house for myself and then for all of my friends who are also stuck waiting for accessible housing since forever. It sucks not being able to get around without help or having to ask someone for stuff like going to the bathroom, especially when you could easily do it yourself if your house was accessible.

– yeniza

26. A really high-quality fridge, the door of mine fell off yesterday.

– painwasneverfound

27. First I’d have some food delivered. I normally buy groceries and cook my own simple food, and it’s usually pretty boring cause I don’t have the executive function to prepare complex dishes. So it would be a luxury to just wait a while and get something that I haven’t made myself.

Only then would I start thinking about houses for myself, my mom, and my siblings who all need help too. I’d take care of myself and my family first of all.

And then I’d find and hire a team of experts and great thinkers to help me figure out how best to use my unlimited fortune to do as much good as possible without tanking the whole world.

– me-topia

28. Plan A:

  1. Fund a team of physicists and engineers to create a successful time machine
  2. Go back in time to May 11, 2021 to stop my husband from going to work
  3. Explain that he doesn’t ever need to go to work anymore because we have unlimited money
  4. Mind our own business and live happily ever after

Plan B: Fund / take any measures that will bring my husband back to life.

– LifeisThis

29. Solar panels on every rooftop on the planet.

– TheSandwhichMeat

30. I’d buy you a drink.

– Ohwww-Hi_mark


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