Here is a list of 10 Different Types of Service Dogs.

10. Autism Therapy Dogs

Autism Therapy Dogs

Dogs are specifically trained to aid people with Autism, giving them an anchor in overwhelming situations. The dogs also provide an emotional connection not achievable by some with Autism.

9. PTSD Therapy Dogs

PTSD Therapy Dogs

Some people suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) have difficulty adjusting to a daily routine after what they had been through. Dogs are trained to assist people suffering from PTSD and may be cued to search certain dwellings before their handler can enter, lead emergency respondents to their handler, or pull their handler to safety during a flashback.

8. Mobility Dogs

Mobility Dogs

People with mobility issues who can’t reach items such as a light switch, a doorknob or can’t quite clear the doorway rely on dogs trained to perform everyday tasks for their handlers.

7. Sight Guide Dogs

Sight Guide Dogs

The most well-known of the service dogs are the “seeing eye dogs”. These smart dogs are taught to be a person’s eyes, leading them around and through everyday obstacles. They are also taught impeccable manners. They go everywhere their handler goes.

6. Seizure Detection Dogs

Seizure Detection Dogs

These new type of service dogs has only been on the scene for about 10 years or so now, but have made quite an impact on those suffering from certain seizure disorders. These highly skilled dogs sense before their handler has a seizure and alerts them so that precautions may be taken.

5. Diabetic Detection Dogs

Diabetic Detection Dogs

Dogs are trained to sniff the air to detect a drop in blood sugar levels on someone’s breath. Not every dog can do it and potential puppies are screened thoroughly before being accepted into the program.

4. Allergy Detection

Allergy Detection

These particular dogs put their overly sensitive noses to good use by scoping out rooms and areas, detecting allergens for people who suffer from severe allergies.

3. Service Dogs for the Hearing Impaired

Service Dogs for the Hearing Impaired

People suffering from hearing loss rely on dogs to be their ears for them. These dogs are trained to be aware of their environment. Handlers watch their dogs for reactions to certain sounds.

2. Mental Health Dogs

Mental Health Dogs

These highly intelligent dogs go through a rigorous training period where they may be taught to bring medication to their handler, backtrack if the handler becomes disoriented and lost, or identify hallucinations. Mental illness comes in varying degrees, each with its own idiosyncrasies. Dogs can be trained to handle most situations.

1. Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Not to be confused with the highly trained mental health service dogs, therapy dogs are trained to offer comfort to those who are sick or grieving. Therapy dogs are chosen for their calm easy going temperament and their people skills.

Last Update: January 31, 2020

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