Horse racing has a long and distinguished history and has been practiced in civilizations across the world since ancient times. Though they are used for winning the races, the owners pretty much love their horses. Most of the owners are even proud of them.

One of the things which the horse owners love the most is – ‘naming their horses’.

While some are serious kind of names, we also have goofy and funny horse names.

Let us see some of the funniest horse names ever.

1. Burnt Toast

Seems like the owner had a bad day or he had got a good sense of humor. Wait!! – nobody loves a burnt toast, right? Let’s hope the opposite for the horse.

2. Carrots

Wow, what a genius! By the way, can you think of why the owner named it carrots? Loves carrots? Whether it’s a orange horse? – it’s still a mystery.

3. Better Than Sex

Ahem!! Ahem!! CENSOR! Imagine the giggles of the commentators while talking about it. Maybe, the owner really means it. The horse is lucky to have a owner who is proud of it. I can see the owner’s partner is jealous of the horse now.

4. Hahahahahaha

HA – HA – HA – HA – HA – HA. Maybe the owner wants to take a revenge on the commentator. Poor commentator!

5. Eighteencharacters

Simple, right? The owner seems to hate spending his ‘precious’ time in searching a name for the horse.

6. Oh No, It’s My Mother-in-Law

I want to see the reaction of the commentators while talking about it. We cannot find what’s going on ine the owner’s brain.

7. Pants

Glad, I’m not going to waste my time naming my horse. I am going to name it ‘shirts’. What are you going to name yours? Buttons, Skirts, Shoes, Socks ?

8. Frog

This ‘Frog’ can’t hop though. Maybe this is the ‘fastest frog’ in the world. Also, I have never seen a green horse. The tallest, fastest, fattest frog ever.

9. Treasure

A 12hh Welsh chestnut mare and a total pain in every way possible. Banned from Pony Club. Had a nasty rearing habit. Not a Treasure in any way, shape or form. Looks like the owner is kidding the horse with this name

10. Trauma

Here comes the pain!

11. DoReMiFaSaLaTiDo

I doubt it is a horse name. It is a tongue twister.

12. Donkey

Poor donkey!. Sorry, *horse!

13. Heisenberg

When you’re a nerd. A “nerd’s” horse.

14. Comply or Die

NO COMMENT!But, I feel for the horse.

15. What A Nuisance

Just yet another ‘nuisance’ name.

Now, I don’t wanna stop here. I have many more funny horse names and the deserve to be mentioned here. Look, who doesn’t like extra stuff?

Honorable Mentions

Myexwifesashes (oops!), Sofa Can Fast (wow), Givemeanothername (no comments), Shakalakaboomboom (reminds me of my childhood), That’s Whatshesaid (What?), Bucktooth(Quack! Quack!), Walk of Shame (*mics dropped*).

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Last Update: November 9, 2019