02. Raised-Relief Map

02. Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe raise relief map by Anton Balazh. The author took real 3-D spatial data from a NASA survey and then re-scaled the z-axis to exaggerate the relief. And yes of course, the relief is highly exaggerated. To see how much height differences were blown up, consider that the Earth has a radius of ~6400km and the Alps have a maximum height of 4800m. That means that if you shrunk the Earth down to the size of a soccer ball (r=~11cm), then the bump created by the alps would only be about 0.08mm!

02. Western Europe

Here is a similar map of Western Europe.

02. Western US

Western USA.

02. South America

South America.

02. Japan and Korea

Japan and Korea.

02. Australia


02. New Zealand

New Zealand.

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