40 Interesting Facts About Roman Empire

May 27, 2017
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  1. Seb says:

    I know you (probably) made this by searching “Roman” in existing facts to easily make a compilation, but you should at least double-check the results, #11 has nothing to do with roman empire and I’ve seen a lot of “mistakes” like this in previous articles, things that have nothing to do with the topic are included because a certain keyword happens to be present. Otherwise this website is nice…

    1. Hugo says:

      How the hell it has nothing to do with the Roman Empire? It was buit in Rome, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, you know the one, who converted the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

      1. Seb says:

        At the time I wrote my comment, fact #11 was about a contemporary roman catholic priest.

        1. Tarasela samyusa says:


      2. Admin says:

        Hugo, the fact was changed after Seb pointed out the mistake.

        1. Hugo says:

          Oh, ok didn’t know that. Honest mistake, sorry about that mate.

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