Here are 25 kickass and interesting Arnold Schwarzenegger Facts.

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1. Arnold Schwarzenegger was already a self-made millionaire at 22 years old before appearing in his first movie. He used what he learned in school to invest his bodybuilding contest winnings in real estate and to market gym equipment and exercise supplements. – Source

2. After being heckled by a State Assemblyman at an event, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed one of the state senator’s bills with the words “f*ck you” written down the side of his veto explanation. – Source

3. For starring in the 1988 comedy film Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito both agreed to take 20% of the film’s box office take instead of their usual salaries. This resulted in them receiving the biggest paychecks of their movie careers. – Source

4. In preparation for “Terminator“, Arnold Schwarzenegger worked with guns every day for a month. He practiced weapon stripping and reassembly blindfolded until the motions were automatic. He spent hours at the shooting range practicing with weapons without looking when reloading or cocking. – Source

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger secretly tricked Jesse Ventura into thinking he had bigger biceps so that he could get him to bet a bottle of champagne when they measured. – Source

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6. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t allowed to dub over his own voice in the German version of Terminator because his Austrian accent “wasn’t tough enough” – Source

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a brother Meinhard who was favored by his father (a former Nazi party member) and died in a drunk driving crash at 24. Arnold did not attend his brother or dad’s funerals. – Source

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an egg thrown at him at a rally and supported it as freedom of speech. – Source

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger was not excited about making The Terminator and told an interviewer that a pair of shoes he had for the movie was for “…some sh*t movie I’m doing, take a couple weeks”. He considered the movie was low profile enough that it wouldn’t risk his career if it bombed. – Source

10. There is a band that only uses Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie lines in their songs – Source

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11. After Kanye West’s mother had died of heart disease while suffering “multiple post-operative factors” after plastic surgery, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the “Donda West Law,” making it mandatory for patients to provide medical clearance for elective cosmetic surgery. – Source

12. Andre the Giant insisted on paying every restaurant bill and when Arnold Schwarzenegger quietly paid the cashier before Andre could, he was physically lifted and put on top of his own car by Andre and Wilt Chamberlain. – Source

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not accept his California governor’s salary of $175,000 per year because of his already substantial wealth from his acting career. – Source

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger got paid $21,429 for each word he said in Terminator 2. – Source

15. In 1992 Arnold Schwarzenegger bought the first civilian Hummer. In 2003 he spent $21,000 to modify it to run on hydrogen trying to jump-start the building of hydrogen refueling plants. – Source

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16. There is a programming language called “ArnoldC” based entirely around Arnold Schwarzenegger badass quotes. – Source

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to give his fellow bodybuilders false advice so he’d easily beat them during competitions. – Source

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger saved a drowning man’s life in 2004 while on vacation in Hawaii. – Source

19. Arnold Schwarzenegger rents his Mr Freeze costume for $1.00/ year. – Source

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger was so hell bent on working out as a youngster that he broke into local gyms when they were closed during the weekends. – Source

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21. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last name, Schwarzenegger, translates to “dark harrower of the fields” in German. – Source

22. Arnold Schwarzenegger temporarily deserted the Austrian Army so he could compete in the Junior Mr. Europe contest. He won. – Source

23. Arnold Schwarzenegger has punched the most animals in movies, having punched two dogs, two camels, and a reindeer. Will Ferrell is a close second. – Source

24. Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance on Monday Night Football as the NY Jets were down 30-7 late in the third quarter. Half the fans had left the stadium yet he claimed NY would come back and “terminate” the Dolphins. The Jets scored 30 points in the 4th quarter and won. – Source

25. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a Japanese commercial. All he does is scream and laugh maniacally. – Source

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