11-15 Weirdest Sensation You Have Experienced


11. The extreme adrenalin rush I had when I bungee-jumped. The jump was video-recorded and even five minutes after I was released from the rope (so maybe as much as ten minutes after the jump) you could see that my limbs were involuntarily shaking.

12. The first time I had an epileptic seizure (grand mal), I was 14 and just went to bed. Slowly suffocating while having no control over my body. Must’ve been only a few seconds before I blacked out, but it felt like forever. I had no idea what was going on and all I could think was “I’m going to die.”

Afterwards, I got pissed at my parents for waking me up in the middle of the night for no reason, being totally oblivious of the seizure and the three paramedics standing over me while I was lying on my floor.

13. Midway through high school, I walked out of the locker room and outside to go to PE class. The moment I stepped into the sun, something went weird with my vision. Figuring I’d lost a contact on the back of my eye, I went back inside and looked in the mirror. Eyes were still bright blue, but one pupil was huge and the other was a pinpoint. Doctors never did figure out what it was and it never happened again, but for awhile I was excused from all PE and outdoor activity, got to wear sunglasses any time I was in a classroom with the sun shining anywhere near my desk, and was checked over six ways from Sunday for a head injury.

14. I have no sense of smell —never have—and one time, I went to an ENT to see if they could find a reason why.

He put a camera way up into my nasal cavity (to look for polyps or rhinitis), and after a little bit, weird, glowing beams of light started passing across the room.

After the third or fourth, I said something like, “I wonder what’s out there (the window) that’s shining light into here.” He said, “Oh no, you’re just seeing the camera’s headlight from behind your eyes.”

15. Fainting. It was my freshman year in college, watching a movie alone around midnight when I felt a sharp pain on my right side. Kind of freaked out and had something like a panic attack. Had a glass of water and went outside to take a walk for a few minutes. That’s when I started getting tunnel vision and this made me freak out even more. I remember running into three guys I barely knew and telling them “I don’t feel well”. The light at the end of the tunnel was gone, so was I. I had a vivid dream that I thought lasted for minutes. Then my senses came back to me. It was like a ghost hovering back to its body. They told me I was out for 10 seconds tops.

16-20 Weirdest Sensation You Have Experienced

Going under anesthesia

16. The feeling of going under anesthesia is really strange. I remember the nice nurse putting the stuff in me and telling me to sit back and stare at her. I felt incredibly wide awake and I was about to tell her that I wasn’t really feeling anything and maybe they should try upping the dose… Next thing I know I’m in my bedroom, my mom is trying to feed me pudding and I’ve been tripping balls for about eight hours now.

17. I was little (maybe 4 or 5, I think) but I remember it so vividly. I woke up early in the morning, as usual, so no one else was up yet. It must’ve been the middle of summer because the sun was already up so there was plenty of light to see by even though I had these thick maroon curtains. Anyway, I’d woken from some kind of dream I quickly forgot. I sat up and picked up my doll from down beside my bed and started playing with it, lying it down to adjust the dress.

It didn’t take long, maybe 30 seconds to a minute, before I realized something was really not right. I looked around and then realized: my perspective was all wrong. I was watching myself playing with the doll from the foot of the bed.

I didn’t freak out, I just tried to fix it by blinking really hard, but each time it just changed my viewpoint in the room. After maybe 3 tries it came right, so I just calmly went about my business. Never, ever forgot it though. I still remember it so vividly.

18. After giving birth to my first child, I fell asleep pretty quickly afterwards because I had been awake for close to 48 hours at that point. When I finally got up to go get a shower a couple hours later, I felt this weird movement in my abdomen. Almost like the baby moving. I looked down and could see my abdomen wriggling and I pressed my hand on it. I realized in horror I was feeling and seeing my organs move back into place.

I never experienced that with my other two births because I was more upright during those labors and I guess the organs moved down as the baby did. I’ll never forget that feeling though.

19. This happened a couple of years ago but I still remember it very clearly. I was walking with a group of friends in a pretty big city at night (10-11 ish) and we were all just walking and talking after dinner and some drinks. I don’t really know how to describe the feeling but out of the blue, I felt really uneasy, as if I knew something was going to go wrong. That feeling lasted maybe a minute or so while I tried to tell my friends we needed to go somewhere else and split up etc. No one took me seriously, and within the next couple of minutes, we came across a couple of armed muggers who made off with a few hundred bucks off us.

20. I woke up to my “asleep” arm suffocating me. I must have laid on it for a really long time. Then when I rolled over in my sleep, it flopped over my mouth and nose. My arm was so asleep that I couldn’t feel it, or move it at all! I had to thrash around to get it off my face.

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