21-25 Weirdest Sensation You Have Experienced

Sensory deprivation chamber

21. I’ve been in a sensory deprivation chamber several times, but the first time something really weird happened that I’ve never been able to replicate.

If you don’t know what a sense dep chamber is, it’s a pod with a pool of water just deep enough to float in. The water has a huge amount of salt in it so you float very well, preventing the sensation of gravity. The water and air are also kept at the same temperature so you can’t feel the boundary between the two. The pod is also sound- and light-proof. So you can’t see, hear, smell or feel anything.

So over time my thoughts were slowing down. It’s like I was having a thought at any given time, but since there was no sensory input, my next thought could only be based on the previous one. Those thoughts got less and less detailed until I was having this string of very simple thoughts. After a while, I had my last thought.

You would think there was nothingness, but there wasn’t. It was fu*king weird. There was a very brief sensation of nothingness, quickly followed by an increasingly loud “thought noise.”

You know how all thoughts you have are electric impulses in your brain, right? Those thoughts have meaning because the impulses aren’t random, they’re very particularly and specifically ordered. So if you think of a doctor, some set of neurons fire, and that means “doctor.” If you think of the color white, some different sets of neurons fire, and that means “white.” If you think of a hospital, some other set of neurons fire, some of which are in the “doctor” set and some of which are in the “white” set (because both doctors and white are associated with hospitals), and that means “hospital.”

Well, imagine if neurons were firing off randomly. Sets of neurons are firing, all of which are associated with some concept or another, but not in a coherent, ordered way, so that 3 out of the 10,000 “doctor” neurons are firing, and 4 of the 10,000 “kindness” neurons are firing, and so forth. You would be having thoughts, but they wouldn’t feel like thoughts per se. They would be meaningless. But not meaningless in a way you understand as meaningless, because when you think of meaninglessness it’s an ordered concept in your brain. Perfectly clear, but perfectly meaningless thoughts. And a different meaningless thought at any given moment. Just a continuous stream of different, unique, perfectly meaningless concepts flowing through you brain.

It was fu*king Bizarre.

I imagine that that noise is always there, but that our thoughts are very, very loud compared to it so we never feel it. Maybe it has something to do with why our dreams are so random, I don’t know. But it was cool and I’ve been trying to replicate it since without success.

22. I am hardcore addicted to coffee, have been for so long, started when I was 12-13ish, and one day when I was 15 I, having had insomnia since a child, not slept for two days. Anyways I have been drinking coffee since 3 in the morning up until 8 am when I had to go to school, having drank about 5 pots worth in the last five hours. First period I started freaking out, I couldn’t sit in a chair and I had immense pain in my upper chest. I collapsed against the wall grabbing at my heart because I felt as if I was dying, my heart was going crazy fast, and then slowing and jumping and then going fast. I started screaming for the teacher to call the paramedics but he insisted I was fine. I spent the next few hours outside on the grass because I tried to run home from the school (I lived on a farm about 2.5 km away) but couldn’t make it. It hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt and I don’t know what happened, because I don’t think you can have a heart attack at that age. I had no way to contact anyone because I found it impossible to use my phone, eventually my mom took me home and I didn’t mention all the coffee I drank because I decided I did not want to go to the g*ddamn hick doctor in the town over. To this day I cannot believe that the teacher, nor the principal would help me.

23. With my first kid, labor was 29 hours long, but the pushing part was only a few minutes. When he crowned, the doc told me to sit up and grab the baby under the arms. I pushed with my stomach while pulling with my hands, essentially delivering him myself. It was the weirdest–and best–thing ever. Because of the angle, and I guess because I was using and focusing on muscles other than my abdominal muscles, the sense of evacuation when he fully emerged was insane.

24. Slicing the tip of my thumb off to the bone using a deli slicer. It didn’t hurt at all at first, I felt the separation though. It felt like a more substantial peeling layer of dry skin off, though quicker. It was white for a good 15 seconds before the blood, and for that period the pain was like “I’m FU*KING coming, just you wait!” I could feel the pain on its way but it didn’t HURT yet, strangest thing. Then instead of anything sharp is just starts THROBBING like nothing you could ever imagine and 16 year old me just goes into action mode and runs home (a few blocks away) as pain shoots up my arm and (strangely) all the way to my teeth.

25. Driving a race car in a race while blindfolded. I’ll elaborate, I participated in a “blindfolded taxi-cab race”. I was strapped into my car with a paper bag placed over my helmet, a navigator in the passenger seat directed me around the 1/4 mile oval track which included about 7 other cars. It was one of the most surreal sensations, even in that short time my hearing was elevated, I heard the other cars around me and felt I knew where they are. I would hear a crash occurring and feel the sense of dread expecting to be hit only to make it through unscathed. It was a surreal and almost calming sensation, the light coming through the paper bag let out a warm brown/gold glow.

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