21-25 Interesting Stories

Lightning Strike

21. On my way home from school about 7 years ago, I was sitting at a very busy intersection waiting to turn left. It was very gloomy outside. All of a sudden, it sounded and felt like the back of my car exploded. There was also a quick, very bright light that flashed in my rear view mirror. I panicked, and noticed immediately after that the stop lights stopped working, and it also began to rain. I looked out in the distance and saw a lightning strike. I also looked on either side of me where there was a ton of traffic, and everyone was staring at me like this. That’s right, I was struck by lightning.

22. Driving in a car full of teens where everyone is on drugs (yes, public service warning this is incredibly stupid and should never have happened). Driving in the dark country road in the middle of the night and suddenly the driver SLAMS on the brakes. Everyone freaks out and the driver says he saw something that looked like a dog running on two legs run in front of the car. Front seat passenger says “if you see something that shouldn’t be there – it’s not!” We keep driving and two minutes later SLAM – hit a refrigerator in the middle of the road.

23. I got lost in our local amusement park one time, in 6th grade, on a school trip. I spent my half time having tons of fun, without waiting for my classmates, and the other half sure I’d be lost forever, and I’d never see my family again.

I’m standing in line for some kind of ride, a roller-coastery type thing, and this tall (to me, anyway. I was maybe 4-1/2 feet tall at the time) black dude with dreads is in line before me. We make some very small talk, get on the ride, get off, and I end up following him to the next ride, and the ride after that. We keep chatting, and eventually, we go our separate ways when I find some of my friends.

A couple years later, my friend was going through a copy of Rolling Stone (I think. Definitely some sort of music magazine), and as she flips through the pages, I see someone familiar. “Stop!”, I said. “Remember the time I got lost at the amusement park? THAT’S HIM!! THAT’S THE GUY THAT HUNG OUT WITH ME!” “Pssh”, she said. “I doubt it. That’s Snoop Dogg.”

To this day, almost 2 decades later, I maintain that Snoop Dogg hung out with me, a semi-terrified little white girl for a couple hours at our local amusement park, and I do not care what anyone says. You can’t take that away from me. A few years after spotting him in the magazine, I read that he likes to hang out in Denver occasionally, so I suppose it’s at least somewhat plausible.

At the end of the day, the story itself is true, and whether or not it was actually Snoop D-O-Double G, remains to be seen (and quite possibly never verified). I’m not saying it WAS 100% Snoop, just for sure that the resemblance was strong enough for me to possibly recognize him years later in a magazine.

24. One night, I woke up around 3am to get a glass of water from the fridge. From our kitchen, you can see out into the driveway and front yard. I saw a big, dark shape moving in the cul-de-sac across the street but didn’t really think much of it. I think my brain registered that this was an elephant, but for some reason, it didn’t initially seem out of place wandering around in the street. I walked over to the window. I paused. I looked again…. Paused… And then it hit me… There is a fu*king elephant outside. In Canada. In my neighborhood. For about 30 seconds, I stared at this thing lumbering around slowly. It was picking at trees with its trunk, but generally not doing much. I can’t really describe the feeling of seeing something so out of place. It’s funny, but also a little anxiety inducing. My first thought was “who do I call for an elephant on my street?”

I figured my wife makes better decisions than I do, so I went back to the bedroom to wake her up. The conversation went like this. “Hey, babe. Babe. Hey. Wake up. There’s an elephant in the front yard.” “What are you talking about? Go away.” “No seriously. There’s an elephant in the front yard. Come look at it.” This went on for a bit. When I finally convinced her that I wasn’t trying some strange new foreplay and that there was an actual elephant in the front yard, I dragged her to the window. For a moment, it looked like the elephant had disappeared from the cul-de-sac. This greatly angered my sleepy wife. I ran to the other window, desperately trying to prove that I wasn’t mixing allergy medication with alcohol again.

I almost starting doubting myself, when she yelled: “OH MY GOD THERE’S AN ELEPHANT ON OUR STREET”. Turns out that the elephant must have jogged a little closer and was standing on our neighbor’s lawn- almost 5 feet from our property line.

I decided the only rational thing to do was try to lure the elephant onto our lawn. I don’t know why, but I assumed we could help whoever was responsible for ‘elephant catching’ if we kept the elephant in one place. I went to the kitchen to get our bananas (I assume bananas are an elephant favorite). I started walking to the front door to deliver the bananas to the elephant, and my wife threw a giant are you trying to get yourself killed temper tantrum. I guess she was right, and that sneaking up on an elephant in the night with a fistful of bananas was most likely not the best move.

Instead, I decided to open the window and perform my best elephant call. It sounded like a “chi-chi-chi” noise. This greatly pleased the beast. It started walking towards our house and stepped over our little boxwood shrubs on the property line. The sight of the approaching elephant terrified my wife, so she fled the room after slamming the window shut. The brave man that I am, decided to stay and attempt to befriend the elephant. I opened the window a crack to perform a few more ‘chi-chi-chi’ noises. I learned that evening that elephants like ‘chi-chi-chi’ noises.

So here I was, staring face to face with an elephant. At 3am. In Canada. Less than 8 feet away. It just sort of stood there checking me out for a bit. My wife started yelling that she was calling the police from somewhere in the back of the house.

I assume that the elephant heard we were calling the police, so he decided to leave. He started jogging down the street and out of view. My wife handed me the phone right when the 911 operator picked up. I calmly explained that I was not high, drunk or suffering from mental illness- but my wife and I had seen an elephant in the front yard. The operator told me that there have been several reports of two elephants in the area and that we were to remain indoors. So off to bed, we went after a little elephant-themed foreplay.

We learned the next day that there actually were three elephants that escaped a local traveling circus nearby, but only two decided to walk through our neighborhood. No one really believed me until the story hit the news around noon the next day. My greatest regret was that I never had the common sense to whip out my Motorola Razor and snap a few blurry pictures.

The moral of the story: always check to make sure your elephant pen is locked at night.

25. I was gaming with a friend while using skype, it was about 3AM at the time when we both heard loud clanking noises. Like two pieces of steel clashing. I ignored it until I heard glass shattering. I jumped up and went to the window to investigate, look down (I was in a 2nd-floor apartment) and see two medium build black men with swords fighting outside my complex. Detroit is a strange place.

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