11. Photographer. It’s what I like doing now as a hobby.

– twotwo-twentytwo

12. Stay at home daughter.

– jasapines

13. Zoologist.

– fatdudeinthecorner

14. Washing mirrors. It is a job I could really see myself doing.

– travpahl

15. Thriftshop or antique shop owner.

– nwil1986

16. Reclusive writer.

I’d like people to enjoy my work but otherwise forget about me and leave me alone.

– plantayne

17. I’d be the worst twitch streamer in existence. I’d play all the games I want, and would likely screw up the feed so you just saw a half of the back of my monitor and my forehead.

– javelin-25

18. Cat rescue and rehabilitation. I do it for free when I can, so it would be awesome to be paid for it and have actual resources.

– toxinogen

19. Cat-sitter.

– FatalBlossom81

20. Fantasy author.

– Far-Peanut-3038

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