21-25 Bat Facts

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21. The Mexican free-tailed bat is featured as Bacardi’s logo because it pollinates sugar cane and protects it from insects. – Source

22. Most bats cannot take off from the ground. They spend their entire lives flying or upside down. – Source

23. Bumblebee Bats are bats that weigh less than a penny. – Source

24. Wind turbines can kill bats without impact, they die because their lungs explode from a drop in air pressure. – Source

25. A rabid bat can bite you while you are asleep, without you even realizing it. If you ever awaken and find a bat in your room, you should get a rabies shot immediately. – Source

26-31 Bat Facts

26. The USA has a law that allows citizens to occupy any unclaimed island in the world, as long as there is a bat or seabird poop on it. – Source

27. Bats are protected by law in the UK and it is illegal to disturb or move them if they are roosting. – Source

28. Embryonic bats have a development stage called the “Peek-a-boo” stage where their wings grow to cover their eyes. – Source

29. Some bats use cone-shaped leaves to better amplify the sound of their companions. – Source

30. Woolly bats use deadly pitcher plants as sleeping bags in exchange the plants use the nitrogen in the bat’s guano as fertilizer. – Source

31. In 2009, a small bat (now known as Space Bat) clung to Space Shuttle Discovery during liftoff and was consumed by the shuttle’s exhaust during her climb to orbit. – Source

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