11. I just typed how to deal with a pet’s death…

– Wafflz-343

12. The Fort Wayne airport (or directions to it)… fortunately I gotta think the airport moves pretty slowly and directions can only do so much physical damage unless someone printed them out on something heavy.

– seaotter

13. Eminem. I’m doomed. He may not kill me, but he’s gonna kill off what’s left of my self-esteem.

– hybridtheory-876

14. Keto-friendly desserts. And I’m not going down without a fight.

– kickingbat

15. Twitter, guess I’m getting canceled.

– TheAngryMoth

16. Self-employment taxes, yikes.

– AVixenDistraction

17. “Can I get sick from eating ass”.

– geedubbed

18. Numbers 5:11-31. An ancient Jewish priest is chasing me down accusing me of being pregnant by a man other than my husband and wants me to drink an abortion potion.

– OhHiGQ

19. A magnifying glass, apparently. Ant vs sun scenario?

– AppleDane

20. Nicholas Cage!

– Newsboy

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