21. Keanu Reeves… Kinda weird but I’d love to get haunted by Keanu Reeves.

– Prof-Am

22. Sean Connery.

Which is extra disturbing and disconcerting considering he’s dead.

– graydog86

23. The number of abandoned pets bought as Christmas presents each year ?
There are so many and it’s sad but at least I’ll be hunted by adorableness.

– iwokeuplikethis

24. Gollum/Smeagol from lord of the rings.

– coxin55

25. Chris Hansen’s hit show To Catch a Predator. Does that mean the whole crew or just Chris Hansen!

– AlexSani

26. Google.

– Jiciere

27. Queso cheese.

Hell yeah man im hungry anyways bring it on.

– PrachiS

28. Abella Danger.

– WannaComeHereinTheDen

29. Studies about the % of people that skip breakfast in the EU.

– Zeuclees

30. Colin Firth. I could be more worried.

– Atthemountaintop

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