We asked our regular contributors through e-mail What currently legal thing do you expect to be illegal in the next 20 years? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Telemarketing. God, please, ban telemarketing.

– ColinNapi

2. Commercials for drugs.

Illegal in many countries already.

– TxGood

3. Multi-level Marketing, a lot more people are seeing these for what they are.

– MissGalifry

4. If the game can be sold to children, it should not have microtransactions.

– ThatsMeSani

5. Beauty contest featuring underage contestants.

– SuevenPan

6. Data privacy violations.


– rologies

7. Government officials owning/trading individual stocks.

– liarliarplantsforhire

8. Revenge p*rn can be found all across the United States.

Many states have passed laws against this, but some have yet to do so. Within the next 25 years, all states will most likely have laws against it, and/or there will be a federal law prohibiting it.


9. Child marriage.

– ThePatelsMam

10. Companies buying single-family homes, hopefully.

– goffcart66

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Last Update: June 3, 2022