11. Single-use plastic.

– WaCondor

12. Subscription services for certain product features. It’s ridiculous that one requires a sub-service to use the key fob for his/her car.

– 33456712

13. Hopefully those family vlog channels on YouTube.

– Playful_Ice876

14. I hope that in the next 20 years a woman raping a man is classed as Rape under UK law because currently, it isn’t.

– lawerence41

15. Skipping ads on YouTube.

– extrabees

16. Helium-filled balloons. At least for recreational use.

– 595b

17. Going to work while sick.

Did pandemics teach us anything?

– 9000diggers

18. I believe it is currently legal in 30 states for doctors to do pelvic exams on unconscious women without their consent for “educational and teaching purposes”. This better changes soon.




– Substantial-Chef

19. In Europe, probably fireworks. People here make grenades and toss them to the police.

– Tygovanhee

20. Online tracking. I mean why isn’t this illegal already? If I would follow someone in real life and write down everything they do I will get arrested, but Google can do exactly this with no problems?

– olivantoss

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