21. How planes fly. I can see birds flapping their wings and putting air under their wings. But how do 20 ton planes get off the ground?

– LosGuard

22. The universe.

Either it always existed, which is a thermodynamic nightmare which makes no sense because how can a chain of events not have a start, or it did have a start, which is preposterous because time (spacetime) is a PRODUCT of expansion; there literally was no “before” the big bang because there was no time to have a point in to call “before”.

Ontologically, ONE of these statements has to be at least nominally true, but BOTH are just bananas.

– trynnasorus

23. How someone could be okay with driving a loud car/truck/motorcycle through the neighborhood. I’m not trying to make a statement or pick a fight, I actually can’t understand how someone could make decisions in their head where this behavior seems reasonable.

– McRibs

24. Why do people hit up random strangers DMS looking for pics when they could just watch p*rn and find exactly what they want at the exact moment they want it.

– Harakari

25. How anyone finds pleasure from making others suffer. I just don’t get it.

– Deltexterity

26. Cryptocurrency. I’ve read numerous articles about how it works and despite having degrees in both law and in math, I still don’t get it. The blockchain thing, yeah, okay, maybe, but “mining” for new “coins” makes absolutely no sense. Add in the massive energy suck and I just kinda hope they all tank. NFTs I was able to figure out once I realized how asinine the very concept is. “Hey, I paid a million dollars for a picture that I can’t hang in my living room, donate to a museum, or stop anyone online from looking at. Cool!!”

– jazz031989

27. Quantum physics.

– baggy-socks123

28. How we cook bacon but bake cookies.

– weak-carpenter-work

29. I don’t understand why a lot of kids are taught to blindly respect adults just because they’re older. Anyone can be bad, it doesn’t matter how many years they’ve avoided dying. I got scolded for talking back to some rude I live near, because “he’s an adult and I’m a child”…but that doesn’t make it okay for HIM to have been a monster in the first place. If you want respect then don’t be a monster, it’s a simple concept.

– Redgiantbus

30. How people actually believe that the Earth is flat.

– notanappliance

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