11. Vinyl records.

I know there are grooves but how does a needle going over those tiny grooves make such a specific sound, like the vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, or any other instrument? And how did people invent this so long ago?

I’ve seen closeups of a needle in a groove but it still doesn’t make sense to me how a few ridges can produce these sounds exactly. And how do they even put those specific grooves in there, especially over a century ago!

– San

12. Anything beyond like maybe 5th grade math.

– bowl-of-pasta

13. How I’m typing this on my phone right now.

– cajun-spice-law

14. How that wasn’t a headshot.

– madnish-03

15. The economy, as in I understand everything hypothetically, but have no clue how I’m going to implement my “knowledge.” Yeah I know how a mortgage works, and I know how taxes work, but what do I do? Just go to the bank and say “1 mortgage please!” I just feel like I’m missing something about the “real world” and since I’m 17, I’m only a couple of years off it.

– Pandacrazed

16. Magnets. How do they work?

– good-bye-weekends

17. How wearing a mask turned into a political statement.

– jasaboi

18. What not having ADHD is like.

– perriatcian

19. People’s undying loyalty to their political party.

– Tysmstark

20. How did engineers manage to program a keyboard without a keyboard?

– aztec

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