21. I personally hate when I hear parents telling their kids white lies to stop them from doing something.

– The_Stiffness

22. I would say what’s harmful is what’s not being taught.

– AnimusRandom

23. “She’s younger than you, just let it go.” “Can’t you be more compassionate? Your the older one here in this situation” “ She’s a little child, she doesn’t know any better”

Absolutely hate this information that was drilled into me since I was a kid.

– christt28

24. Goodwill win, evil will be punished.

There is no karma.

Some people will do all sorts of shitty stuff, and be successful and happy.

Other people will do good and will end up with cancer.

– Madrid_Gamer

25. Political views, at ages, that children are really too young to understand them. They just spout off their parent’s thoughts.

– mokshmoon

26. Doing the right thing will sometimes make others hate you. Be prepared for that.

– FloKarle

27. That you can be anything you want in life.

Sorry but this just isn’t correct. Poor Eddie who can’t grasp basic division isn’t going to be an astronaut.

– Rukawork

28. Being discouraged to speak up about illnesses because it makes them weird/ somethings wrong with them. They talk about like, You need therapy, which isn’t a bad concept and you probably do need it, but they picture it in such a bad light.

– Gobbler

29. The lie that life is fair and things happen for benevolent, valid reasons.

Then we let them get burned and figure it out themselves.

– mrstipez

30. Teaching them to respect authority instead of learning to freely question everything.

– SirSlipShot

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