11. Kids iPhone/iPad games. My kid is downloading these “free” games that constantly ask her to buy an extra skin or a treasure box of thousands of coins to upgrade and keep playing. It’s really scummy because they know exactly who their audience is, children who have no concept of money.

– OwlBear98

12. ”I’m paying off debts of $5000 to the first five people to DM me?” – courteously of Instagram.

– Alex7D

13. We can’t give you a raise yet because (X), but if you work hard and prove your competency, there will be a raise next year.

– deja-vuuuuvzle

14. Those Alpha Male courses.

– Ethan-Samurai

15. My Nigerian uncle.

– DuckswithMOustaches

16. Online dating services with monthly subscriptions. Any business that gets more money by failing than succeeding will be designed to fail, succeeding just enough to make users feel as though they can succeed. Basically the same principle as casinos.

– IndigoFenix

17. Your fr>end that has been absent in a few years suddenly showing up telling you that he /she has a fantastic job offer for you.

– TheWiseCook

18. The credit score system.

How it should work: pay back loans early/on time, higher score. Don’t pay back loans or pay back late, lower score.

How it actually works: Pay back a loan too quick, score goes down. Open an account, score goes down. CLOSE an account, score goes down. You even ask for a copy of your credit report, your score goes down. It’s ridiculous.

It’s not about your reliability, it’s about how profitable you are to creditors looking to milk interest payments as long as possible.

– MoochtheMushroom

19. Mobile game ads.

– Character-watch98723

20. Work 110% at your job and you will be successful.

Yeah you’ll be successful alright doing the work of 3 people while the people who don’t work as hard get promoted because you are too valuable in your position.

– NoSpray2316

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