21. Multi-level Marketing.

– juoanninql

22. Hot singles in your area.

– manicuresandi

23. Diamonds.

– G1atic

24. Filling your tires with nitrogen for an extra fee.

The air we breathe is over 3/4 nitrogen and added that extra 22% nitrogen to your tires will add no benefits and cost you anywhere from $70 to as much as $179.

Unless they are doing it for free, you are being sold snake oil.

– That-Is-My-Band

25. Alkaline water.

Unless you’re in kidney failure or DKA you don’t need to change your Ph, and EMTs and ER docs aren’t ordering supplies from Phountain.

Even if you could change the Ph of your own blood by drinking water, doing so would probably kill you.

– Stoutyeman

26. Life.

– Neninzto33

27. Scientology.

– a-rat-on-a-keyboard

28. US health care system.

– MyWorkAccountMe

29. “Accept all cookies” – I have never received any cookies.

– ThatBrenon131

30. Herbalife.

– The-Beavs

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