11. The size of animals still blows my mind. You can read about how a manta ray is 23 feet long and 3 tons but it doesn’t really hit you until you realize that’s heavier than most cars.

– nuttynutdudde

12. The human body has at least 150 billion neurons.

– FancyCrab655

13. If some sort of super-advanced alien species on a planet 80 million light-years away from Earth built a high-tech telescope that let them see objects on the Earth’s surface, they would be seeing dinosaurs right now.

– zyglemon

14. Sharks are older than trees, also, trees almost killed all land life on earth as there use to be nothing that could decompose them, so dead trees covered the ground and killed all other vegetation. Only once fungus evolved did trees start decomposing.

– Ralife875

15. If 2 pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will bond and be permanently stuck together – Space welding (cold welding).

– Trenchapo

16. When the pyramids were built, there were still some Woolly Mammoths roaming the earth.

– emiliresss

17. I recently read about the Split-Brain experiments. There is a procedure for severe epilepsy that involves cutting the connecting nerves of the two brain hemispheres, resulting in the two hemispheres being unable to communicate with each other. The experiment shows that both halves can answer questions independently of each other, have separate opinions/preferences, form memories independently. Basically suggesting that there are two minds in the brain. That just blows my mind(s).

– Mlinch

18. There are actually blood vessels obstructing light from reaching certain areas in your eye, effectively creating a shadow. Your brain filters this out and essentially fills in the gaps so you don’t actually see this spiderweb-like network of black lines. However, you can visualize them by shining a light at a diagonal into your eye (not directly!) and gently wiggling it about. This means your brain doesn’t have enough time to filter it out and you see this spiderweb-like network of blood vessels!

Technical instructions to clarify the actions involved. I find it easier to see this effect in a dark environment, so the contrast of the black shadow against the light is higher. You want to be staring straight ahead and shining the light into your pupil at a 45-degree angle from the side directed at your nose at about 10-20 cm away from them. The phone light will do great and have it on the dimmest setting if possible. Then wiggle the light in gentle 1 cm movements side to side. Keep this up for about a second at least and you should see them. Hope this clears it up a bit!

– NNonWhoHouse

19. Without the development of genuinely sci-fi travel technology like wormholes or hyperspace (which may not even be possible) 99.99+% of the universe will be forever locked off from us. Because of cosmic expansion, the various galactic clusters are moving away from our local cluster faster than we could ever catch up to them.

– APeacefulWarrior

20. The wow signal came from a planet/bit in space 17,000 light-years away. It emitted a signal 30x stronger than anything we can make today. It lasted for an entire 71 seconds, was on 1444Hz (frequency of hydrogen, most abundant thing in the universe) and we couldn’t find the signal again after pointing to the same spot.

– brocolliandcream

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