21. The astronauts on the ISS aren’t floating around because of the lack of gravity, far from it. They are in constant free fall, falling over the horizon of the earth. Being pulled by gravity towards the earth.

– SwingDancer

22. There are some Ice Age animals that are so perfectly preserved in permafrost that scientists have been able to find them still with all their soft tissue, hair, and organs. They even found a couple of mammoths that still had liquid blood in them and I remember one scientist even tasting the mammoth meat.

Also, there was a mummy found in China that was so well preserved that she still had all her skin, hair, organs, etc. Her body was even flexible that you could bend her limbs as if she was alive. They even found her last meal still in her stomach and could perform an autopsy on her to tell you why she died. She died over 2000 years before she was found.

– stichmidda2

23. A million seconds is 12 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

– greenappletree

24. Here’s the list:

– If all the DNA in the average person was stretched out in a single line, it could reach from Earth to the Sun and back 248 times

-Despite the wildly varying sizes of mammals, sloths and manatees are the only ones who don’t have exactly seven cervical vertebrae

-Hippos sweat sunscreen, and it’s red

-If the entirety of the Earth’s history were compressed down to a single day, humans of any sort wouldn’t appear until the last second before midnight

-If the lifespan of the universe was equated to human life, the entire time that stars will actually be burning is equivalent to the first day after birth

-And finally, my personal favorite: there are about four times as many unique ways to shuffle a standard deck of playing cards as there are atoms in the Milky Way

-About 20% of the annual GDP for the tiny island nation of Tuvalu comes from licensing out their international internet code, “.tv”

-Reindeer eyes, normally brown, turn bright blue in winter to see in low-light conditions

-A man stole the 2016 Rio Olympic torch from the relay based on a Facebook dare

-“Frivol,” “paradigm,” “pharaoh,” and “coccyx” are the only words in the English language with unique three-letter endings

-Giraffe necks are actually too short to reach the ground, so they have to splay their legs in order to drink water

-Because of their kilts and ferocious attitude, the Scots fighting in WWII were given the nickname “ladies from hell” by the Germans

-UPS drivers are only supposed to make right-hand turns, not lefts

– MagicalMonarch092

25. Fat cells do not burn or disappear. They just shrink.

– kutas88

26. There are no photos of the present.

– accodingice815

27. All matter literally gives off light, but we can only see a sliver of that spectrum (although we do have tools to help us see other spectrums.)

Our bodies give off infrared and are basically glowing in that portion of the spectrum similar to how iron glows to our normal vision when it’s heated. Something that sees a different spectrum than us might not see hot iron as glowing at the same temperatures we see iron glow at.

– MadgoonOfficials

28. The strongest known acid is called Fluroantimonic Acid and it is made by combining a solution of two different ions in various quantities. Without going too crazy into the scientific details, the part that blows my mind is that at certain ratios of the two ingredients you can get an acid that is 1 QUADRILLION TIME STRONGER THAN 100% PURE SULFURIC ACID.

At acidity levels like this pH fails to even be a useful metric, as the pH of any solution would certainly be less than 0. Additionally, it is so acidic that it can force carbon atoms to have 5 bonds instead of 4, breaking one of the fundamental principles of organic chemistry.

– papiculo-dodi

29. Tumors can grow teeth and eyes.

– wolveriene

30. A hummingbird beats its wings 12 times a second.

– magicforestcomics

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