We asked our regular contributors through e-mail What two videogames would make a great game combined? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Car Mechanic Simulator and Need for Speed.

I always wanted a game where you can actually build your own car and drive it afterward.

– starwing

2. Dead Space and No Man’s Sky.

– zamach

3. Sims and GTA. Like having the family and generation aspects of Sims whilst also having the murder, sex, and crime of GTA with optional missions.

– Mid_July_Diamond16

4. Sid Meiers Pirates remade in the Assassins Creed Black Flag engine.

– timothyjwood

5. Civilisation and Stellaris. Imagine playing for 4000 hours just to get to endgame.

– Jeicam

6. Star Wars Battlefront + Red Dead Redemption. I can’t believe they’ve announced working on an open-world SW game.

– Sani7864

7. Sims and Cities Skylines: a management/city builder game where you could zoom into any citizen and live/manage their life.

– Tdie3i

8. Pokémon & Breath of the Wild. I don’t know if it would be better with a trainer as the player character or a Pokemon as the character you play as, but just imagine a massive open world where you could stumble across all the pokemon & just attack on command (no turn-based, slow-paced combat), and you can collect all types of items to boost stats & concoct potions & antidotes & all that. I can’t describe my whole vision because there’s just so much that could be done with a game like that, but just imagine it.

– pitymuch

9. Untitled Goose Game and Bloodborne.

– ErosLament

10. Hotline Miami and Viscera Cleanup Detail.

You just play as a janitor in 80s Miami who has to clean up a bunch of brutal murder scenes.

– Phreedomphigter

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Last Update: February 25, 2021