11. CGPGrey.

– inarch

12. Ask A Mortician. Really anything by Caitlin Doughty IMO.

– bythespeaker

13. Sam Onella academy makes science/history videos but is extremely sarcastic about them. Watch his video on Tarare.

– mrkulci

14. Bill Wurtz.

– cawcawampigeon

15. Check: Etho if you’re into chill Minecraft videos

Forgotten Weapons if you like to know the history and mechanics of guns

Internet Comment Etiquette if you want… salvia?

Jaiden Animations if you like to watch animated stories that are pretty funny

Soviet Womble if you want funny videos with a bunch of idiots playing games

– askmeforbunnypics

16. LGR/Lazy Game Reviews – retro technology, video games, interesting stories from the history of tech. I’m not a big fan of most YouTube ‘personalities’ but LGR seems like a genuinely nice dude who is very knowledgeable about the history of computers/video games/etc. I’m not even a “gamer” but love watching all his videos.

– summerbowl

17. TierZoo makes videos on animals as if they were classes in a video game. Hilarious, and educational!

Also, Weird Side – highly underrated considering the quality of their videos. I seriously recommend checking them out!

– cooolest

18. Michael Reeves.

– MixM23

19. CallMeKevin and RTGame.

– jogjustice

20. SummoningSalt.

– knowhoakx

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