21. Food Wishes is the best cooking channel I’ve come across.

No fluff. No bs. Just clear, concise instructions. Every second of the video is useful and chef John doesn’t waste your time with anything extraneous about himself.

He’s also got a decent sense of humor and the recipes are great.

– lordorwell7

22. Crash course.

– Fartdeep

23. Zefrank and his overly excessive descriptions of animal genitals.

– gee842

24. I love Drew Gooden. He’s an ex-Viner (road work ahead vine) but he does comedic commentary videos. He did a really good critique video of Lily Singh’s show as well as a hilarious review of Jake Paul’s tour.

In the same vein, I also really enjoy Danny Gonzalez’s commentary videos as well as his DIY stuff that he did like imitating the bad ads on Facebook and Instagram as well as trying out crafts from 5-minute crafts and Troom Troom.

– metalhead_mommy

25. Have a seat with Chris Hansen.

– catmom81519

26. Tom Scott for short very informative videos.

– henrylynch

27. First we feast (Hot ones).

– Nynaewe

28. My mechanics.

It’s a dude restoring old rusty items to perfect condition without any talking! There are other channels like that, which are just as good, but he has to most subscribers. Very relaxing to watch before bed.

– Jayman3084

29. Captain Disillusion. Super underrated.

– ghegi

30. Ahoy.

– UncleSamSmooth

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