21. Hard work won’t guarantee a thing. But without it, you don’t stand a chance.

– Bulldawhokie

22. Eminem is 50 years old.

– Open-Fusion

23. Physical appareance matters. Almost everyone is shallow, and if you are ugly, people might treat you as inferior and you will have disadvantages in almost every aspects of life (i.e pretty privilege or Halo effect, look that up).

– TechnicalMiddle76

24. Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets.

– Benjin9

25. Not everyone has to sh*t themselves or hunch over in pain after consuming dairy. Those cramps, that gas, the sh*t it’s’s called lactose intolerant. Get lactaid or give up the captain crunch.

– SureMeasurement234

26. Depression, an illness, a bad upbringing and many more:

These are not excuses to treat people badly. If someone is nice to you then these are not excuses to treat them like sh*t. And if you do, they are not required to forgive you. No one is required to give you a second chance.

– IWinfofMiggets

27. Whatever you say can and will be used against you.

– continue-banaca867

28. You don’t have as many friends or family as you think.

I have a chronic illness, and the number of people who bailed on me during my hardest times only to pop up, surprised I was upset with them, once I started healing is truly disgusting.

You’ve got a core few. Nurture those relationships like your life depends on it. Mine does.

– ColorMeStunned

29. Not everything is a lesson Ryan, sometimes you just fail.

– Weary_League

30. The mass die off of crabs off Alaska is a bigger deal than most realize.

90% population crash almost instantly.

– gopher09

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