21. I am 63.

The sound of birds singing, everywhere, chirping and peeping so loudly that it could be heard indoors with all the doors and windows shut. It was a bit maddening at times, actually – I mean, it was fairly intrusive.

Also, the sound of bees and other insects buzzing and whizzing in large numbers around every little patch of grass or flowers. Big yellow bees, the size of the last digit of your thumb. They were everywhere, and they were surprisingly loud.

Now, the world sounds dead. Crows, maybe. But all the songbirds are gone, and the bees are small and few.

As a child, those sounds almost annoyed me. But now, because I know they mean life, I miss them.

– Petal_Chayboyantce

22. The original Emergency Broadcast System message and sound.

Also — My hometown used to have a fire horn signal system. When there was a fire call, the horn sounded. Then a pattern of short and long gave a number that corresponded to the location of the fire. Then the short bursts following the number called for the number of trucks to respond. Any time you heard more than five bursts, the family would pile into the car to go watch the fire burn, because it was guaranteed to be spectacular. Any time there were more than eight bursts, you could watch the fire from where you were standing. The one time there were more than 10 bursts, everyone took shelter in the basement.

Shopping mall arcades. “Wizard needs food, badly.”

– Galaxy-Ranger

23. The sound of a packed arcade and in particular pinball machines. Now I’m middle-aged I’m seriously eyeing a used pinball machine for my office.

– Wind_Yer_Weck

24. The creaky spring in Pogo sticks.

– AchillesTentOn

25. In my time the internet came in over the phone, and it sounded like robots screaming.”

“OK, grandpa, let’s get you to bed.

– DreamLarliyn

26. The squeak of bats. I can’t hear that pitch so well anymore, and there are fewer bats flying around these days anyway.

– candlestick_maker

27. “EA Games, challenge everything! Bzzwoop”.

– Zorobay

28. My dad’s voice.

– fireballtochhyy

29. The dinner bell ringing at school. Nowadays it’s just some sort of electric klaxon that makes us feel like prisoners released for rec time.

– Better-Title

30. A chorus of annual cicadas and trains in the distance at night. I grew up in a medium-sized town in the southeast U.S. and that’s what every summer night sounded like. Now I live in a bigger city in a more northern state and it’s just cars and city noise at night. I miss it, it was the best white noise to sleep to.

– dirigbleplum

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