11. My mom telling me to wake up and get ready for school.

– andrean_

12. That sound your speakers made right before you were about to get a call on your cell phone.

– eDgar-

13. Silence. Tinnitus sucks.

– Brother-Farside

14. That super loud quiet at two AM when you’re half asleep in the middle row of the van, and Dad stopped for gas somewhere in Pennsylvania. Sister and brother are asleep in the back, Mom’s got her head tilted back but you know she’s awake. The dinging of the door opening with the keys still in wakes everyone halfway. Mom asks quietly if anyone needs to use the bathroom. Nobody answers.

Now if I stop for gas on the thruway at two AM, I’m the one driving. That loud quiet is definitely gone.

– Plefusprthy

15. VHS tapes rewinding, Cd’s skipping.

– nin1332

16. A manual typewriter being typed on.

– swissgosse87

17. “You’ve got mail!”

– OldPolishProverb

18. We lived right next to a huge field across the road from Lake Michigan so on a summer night there would be a million crickets singing, and I could smell the lake through the open window right by my bed. Such a peaceful place, just thinking about it gives me the feels.

– uncessj

19. The invalid phone number tone.

– CatacombRavs

20. When I was little, on the weekends in the morning when things were quiet, I could hear the horses from the ranch in the hills above us neighing. Now the horses are gone, replaced by McMansions, and local traffic is so bad you wouldn’t be able to hear them anyway.

– MargotFerning

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