21. Sobriety. Every day is a gift.

– mlbo09

22. Waking up, go in the living room and see my wife sitting there working on our desk in the sunlight that‘s coming through the windows, turning around and giving me a smile when she notices I‘m there, while my cat is running towards me to get a good morning scratch.

– cridos

23. My audiobook in the car on the way to work. I used to love reading but now I have kids and can’t let myself stay up all night reading. This is my escape time.

– she766

24. This may seem stupid but I always look forward to what the next day will bring me. I’m a suicide survivor who has gotten immense amounts of therapy and I can now say I look forward to the next day. Nothing brings me more joy than still being here tomorrow.

– warlock23

25. Every morning I make 3 scrambled eggs and 2 strips of bacon. I eat 2 eggs and 1 bacon and I serve my dog 1 egg and the other bacon. Every day we have breakfast together.

– bemest

26. I live at a friend’s family’s house. They offered me shelter after I became homeless and every night I go to my car to read.

I find that reading in my car every night before going to sleep gives this family a chance to get a break from seeing me and I get a chance to be calm and away from everyone.

They are amazing people and It’s been so fun. I’m so thankful that they let me stay in their living room, but they tend to use it at night to watch a movie or have family time so I take a chance to let them be and I get a chance to learn something and relax in my car.

– AvacadoSaltandLime

27. Waking up and hearing my girlfriend say good morning in her sweet soft sleepy voice. I used to hate waking up, there were so many days that I would wake up and ask myself what was the reason I even woke up. Those days are long gone.

– ineju

28. Morning poop, post-coffee.

– curious-george

29. To bring Snacks for my older sister. It’s the best part of my day. I ran away and she decided to help me. So I’m grateful to share food with someone who actually cares.

– turnsgate

30. Playing the Sims. I recently got it downloaded on my laptop and it truly is my little escape from reality. It’s the only game I play and I’m really thankful I found my way back to it lol.

– affectionate-case

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