11. My morning coffee. I get a different coffee every week and drinking it is the most relaxing part of my day.

– hafilax

12. Bedtime routine with my 10-year-old cat, she’s my best friend, we’ve had the same routine for years. I call her when I’m ready for bed, she comes running and jumps on the bed and flops against my chest, and purrs all night. I never want to live a day without her, it’s a nightmare to think about. I make sure to tell her I love her and say goodnight.

– thebillboardsaidd

13. School. I always hated high school and now that I’m going to a school that caters to my interest, (auto tech) I can be happy going and seeing other people who have the same passion.

– yal-trynaa

14. The drive home after finishing work.

I live over an hour away from the office and I like the long ride home because it gives me time to decompress. I’m also driving westbound so I’ve been able to witness many beautiful sunsets.

– trialababusa

15. Honestly, every part of my home. As the daughter of an alcoholic hoarder grew up in a very dysfunctional and at times abusive household. It was always dirty, loud, stressful, and unstructured. Now that I’m an adult with the power to control my environment and lifestyle, I keep a clean, peaceful home. My bed is made, my carpet is vacuumed. I get to hang out with my cats and a good book and not have to worry about the electricity being shut off or my mom not coming home from the bar or any number of financial concerns that managed to steal my childhood away.

I have what I dreamed of having as a little girl: autonomy and calm.

– ladystarkitten

16. That mid-day text from my husband, asking me if I can please come home early because he and the dogs miss me, usually accompanied by a photo of the 4 of them looking wistfully at the camera. It never ever gets old…

So thankful for all of them!

– luisapet

17. Those last few warm, drowsy minutes before falling asleep. No matter how horrible of a day you’ve had or whatever is going on, nobody can take those few moments of comfort and relief away from you.

– plantaye

18. The sheer, spontaneous joy my dogs have when I tell them, Who’s home?” Then they hear the garage door opening and know Mommy’s Home!”Batshit-crazy pandemonium ensues until I open the side door of the garage. My wife is just as happy to see them, too! Nothing beats observing this scene every day, for 11 years.

– complex-value-87

19. Going to bed the next night.

– OleRockTheGoodGuy

20. Taking my bra off.

– champngnt

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