21. Giving parents your money for safekeeping as a kid.

– Alekisis

22. That the Fashion Industry is anything other than planned obsolescence, designed simply to get people to spend money for no reason.

– Goriuk

23. Climate change is up to each individual to go green. It was a campaign by BP that pushed the solution as each individual going green instead of the dozen massive corporations that account for the lion’s share of greenhouse gases.

Going green is good, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to oil companies, industrial farming, and cargo ships.

– Robust-Rooster

24. Saving the earth is in the hands of consumers and not big companies.

– k4leuniverse

25. Gestures broadly.

– tehdrepirateroberts

26. The cost of education.

– nathanleigient

27. Normal television, paying to watch ads!

– BangbangSmashsmash

28. Trickle down economics.

– BarcodeNinja

29. Life.

Like, why is it so damn expensive? I didn’t even ask to be here!

– Fandoms-locals

30. Religion.

– robertgeekperson86

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