26-30 Korean War  Facts


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26. During the Korean War, 635,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Korea by the American planes. – Source

27. In Korean War, 600 soldiers of the British Army took on a force of 30,000 enemies. The British officer admitted the situation was “a bit sticky” to his American superior. Such classic British understatement failed to secure them reinforcements or permission to fall back. – Source

28. After he was KIA during the Korean War, Sgt. John Rice, a Native American, was refused burial at a Sioux City cemetery because of his heritage. Hearing the news, President Truman ordered him buried at Arlington with full military honors between two generals. – Source

29. During the Korean War, U.S. warplanes dropped more napalm and bombs on North Korea than they did during the whole Pacific campaign of World War II. – Source

30. Turkey participated in the Korean War, despite not having any political conflicts during the cold war. Nevertheless; they sent soldiers to help the U.S. because they desperately wanted to be a member of the NATO and their previous membership requests were denied. – Source

31-35 Korean War  Facts


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31. US Army officer Lewis Millett received the Medal of Honor during the Korean War for leading the last major American bayonet charge. – Source

32. 3,158 Ethiopians fought on the American side in the Korean War. – Source

33. At the battle of the Chosin Reservoir, during the Korean war, infantrymen fought in temperatures as low as -54 F. – Source

34. Luxembourg sent 44 soldiers to fight in the Korean War. – Source

35. Out of the ~150,000 South Korean soldiers to die during the Korean war, ~130,000 were missing. – Source

36-40 Korean War  Facts


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36. Napalm was so psychologically effective, when pilots bombed targets during the Korean War, the soldiers on the ground would often surrender to the airplanes on their subsequent passes. – Source

37. During armistice negotiations of the Korean War, delegates from both sides brought in increasingly large flags until they could no longer fit in the room. The North settled with a wider flag, the UN with a longer one. – Source

38. During the Korean War, the battleship USS Missouri responded to a failed North Korean attack by shelling the battery responsible with 998 rounds. – Source

39. At least 163 refugees were killed during the Korean War as American troops were told to attack civilians fleeing North Korea. – Source

40. India provided aid to both parties during the Korean War. – Source

41-45 Korean War  Facts


41. The South Korean government executed at least 100,000 civilians for suspected communist sympathies just a few days after the start of the Korean War. – Source

42. Second Korean War was prevented by President Ford by chopping down a Poplar tree. – Source

43. During the Korean War, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army belonged to the People’s Liberation Army and was separately constituted in order to prevent an official war with the United States. – Source

44. Joseph Vittori killed over 200 enemies in 3 hours during the Korean War before being overrun and killed. – Source

45. A British soldier once won the Victoria cross for attacking the enemy with beer bottles during the 1950 Korean war. – Source

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