56-60 Poland Facts

Image credit: thevoicerealm.com

Image credit: thevoicerealm.com

56. In Poland, they do voice-overs of movies, which is different from dubbing since there’s only one voice actor for every single character and dialog in the movie. – Source

57. There is a cathedral in Poland with “dragon bones” hanging outside. – Source

58. The world’s oil drilling and refinement industry started in a tiny village in southern Poland. In 1854 Ignacy Łukasiewicz established an oil field around Bóbrka, Poland. – Source

59. Poland has an “underground” university to teach subjects that were illegal under government repression. Madame Currie was an alumna. – Source

60. In 1954 a newspaper in Poland ran a competition to name a street. So, Central Warsaw now has a street called “Winnie the Pooh street” (Kubusia Puchatka in Polish). – Source

61-65 Poland Facts

Image credit: oldcomputers.net

Image credit: oldcomputers.net

61. An auto repair shop in Poland has been using a Commodore 64 as their primary computer since 1992. – Source

62. During the Prague Spring Czechs and Slovaks painted over and turned around road signs so that invading forces didn’t know where to go and on one occasion an entire invasion force from Poland was routed back out of the country. – Source

63. “Feeders of Lice” is a job in Nazi that occupied Poland, where individuals were wrapped with lice cages to serve as blood farms and food for disease-carrying lice. These cages were used to develop Typhus vaccines. – Source

64. Hitler cited the Armenian genocide in 1915 as a rationale for brutally invading Poland, telling his generals, “Who still talks nowadays about the Armenians?” – Source

65. The first president of Poland, Gabriel Narutowicz, was assassinated five days after taking office, amidst a right-wing propaganda campaign accusing him of being “an atheist, a Freemason, and a Jew”. – Source

66-70 Poland Facts

Image credit: marie-antoinettequeenoffrance.blogspot.in

Image credit: marie-antoinettequeenoffrance.blogspot.in

66. Fox tossing was a popular sport in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. It involved throwing live foxes high into the air using slings with a person on each end to catapult the fox upwards. The King of Poland held a contest that killed 647 foxes, 533 hares, 34 badgers and 21 wildcats. – Source

67. A baby in Poland was born with 23 times the legal BAC after his mom went on a drinking binge the night before. – Source

68. In Poland, there is an official regional language called Kashubian, which is spoken by over 100,000 people and is taught in a number of Polish schools. – Source

69. After a Polish impostor who claimed the throne of Russia was found out was executed, burned, and had his ashes shot out of a cannon back towards Poland. – Source

70. In Russia, it is illegal to suggest that the USSR and Nazi Germany partitioned Poland in 1939. – Source

71. Home Alone is the most popular Christmas movie in Poland. The 1990 movie was one of the first American Hollywood movies to reach a mass audience in Poland after the fall of Communism, and today, Polish TV airs it repeatedly every Christmas. 1/3 of Poles aged 16-49 watch it on TV every year. – Source

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